Kim Kardashian Without Make-Up Photos Taken On Her Return From Kuwait

Kim Kardashian was photographed without make-up when she stepped off the plane from her stint in the Middle East on Sunday. The Keeping Up with The Kardashians reality show maven reportedly had a big cold sore and blemishes on her face, a stark contrast to the images typically taken of Kanye West’s significant other.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kardashian visited both Babrain and Kuwait to officially open new outposts for the Millions of Milkshakes chain. Although Kim was reportedly greeted by some adoring fans, she also allegedly met with a host of Islamic protesters, Radar Online notes. Those opposed to Kim Kardashian allegedly voiced their anger at the reality show star being in their country.

Stars without make-up photos often show a side of celebrities that their throngs of young fans need to witness. All too often young women attempt to hold themselves up to the unattainable standards of perfection created by professional make-up and hair stylists and Photoshop tools.

Although many mothers may not be able to understand the fascination their tweens and teens have with Kim Kardashian and her peers, reality show stars are often held in high regard by large numbers of young women. The Kim Kardashian without make-up photo published by Radar Online reveals her imperfections and indicates that she struggles with blemishes just like thousands of her young fans.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star may not like having her cold sore and pimples scrutinized by the masses, but perhaps seeing her less-than-perfect complexion helped a teen girl struggling with self-esteem issues.

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