‘Survivor: Game Changers’ Cast Members Andrea & Michaela Talk Playing With Cirie

Despite being one of the most dangerous players in Survivor history, Cirie Fields has made it to the finale of Game Changers.

Cirie had one of the biggest targets on her back heading into Survivor: Game Changers. With this being her fourth season, she has a wealth of Survivor experience, making bold moves and almost reaching Final Tribal Council twice. The early days of the game saw Cirie on the outside of her Nuku tribe, with nobody willing to work with her. However, she managed to avoid Tribal Council through the entire pre-merge by always winning Immunity Challenges with her tribe. After the merge, she strengthened her relationships with Andrea Boehlke, Michaela Bradshaw, and Aubry Bracco and helped dictate the course of the game.

Wednesday night’s episode of Survivor: Game Changers was a bit of a stumbling block for Cirie, however. First, she turned on Andrea, who up to this point had a much bigger target on her back than Cirie. Then, after Sarah Lacina willed her “steal a vote” advantage to her, she tried to play it against Sarah only to discover that the advantage was non-transferrable. Sarah then took the advantage back and used it to send out one of Cirie’s closest allies, Michaela.

Now without her two closest allies, Cirie is at a disadvantage again. Cirie is well-known for her social charms, so it’s possible that she could rise from the ashes and pull off a victory in the finale.

Michaela Bradshaw and Cirie Fields on ‘Survivor: Game Changers’ [Image by Jeffrey Neira/CBS Entertainment]

In new exit interviews, Andrea and Michaela spoke with Gold Derby about their relationships with Cirie. Michaela stated that she and Cirie had made a deal to go to the end from early on, and not just for game reasons.

“Me and Cirie made a Final 3 pact when we were swapped to Mana together. And then it was solidified in the merge. And the reason being was this was the first time in Survivor history as far as I know that two African American women ever made it to the merge. It’s an amazing feeling to have someone like Cirie on the island, because she’s the only person who from a personal standpoint, can directly relate to me and my experience in the world.”

Michaela also suggested that Cirie wouldn’t have made the big move to use the “steal a vote” advantage if she had known she would be sending her close ally home in the process.

“I do believe in her mind, what she was doing was the best thing to do to advance us in the game,” she said.

Meanwhile, Andrea assumed that “crafty” Cirie would have had something to do with her being voted out, even though they had been allies for so long. She also noted that she didn’t think it was fully accurate that she was a bigger threat than a four-time player like Cirie.

Andrea Boehlke and Cirie Fields on ‘Survivor: Game Changers’ [Image by CBS Entertainment]

“I feel like it’s a groupthink situation,” Andrea said, of the assumption that she was the biggest threat out there. “Granted, yes, I should have recognized I was a bigger threat than I thought I was, but I’m in no way a bigger threat than someone like Cirie or even Aubry.”

Now there are only six people left in the game, including Cirie, Aubry, Sarah, Brad Culpepper, Tai Trang and Troyzan Robertson. Who will go on to become the Sole Survivor? The Survivor: Game Changers finale airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS, followed by the live winner reveal and reunion show at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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