‘This Is Us’ Star Chris Sullivan Snubbed Fans At Several Events, Called Rude By Fans

This Is Us is known for its heartwarming story of a family tied together with love and loyalty. Fans tuned in each week for the emotional roller coaster ride that the one-hour NBC show would deliver, often with a major cliffhanger as the final credits began to roll.

The cast of This Is Us is what really makes the show work. They are all dedicated to the series and give interviews that show how much they enjoy being a part of it. At every event, they have been a part of, This Is Us fans have not voiced complaints. According to Radar Online, however, that has recently changed.

The reported story is that at several different events recently, Chris Sullivan (Toby) would not acknowledge the fans. One story went so far as to say that a group of teenage girls tried to get him to take a picture with them and he waved them off. This sure doesn’t sound like the Chris Sullivan This Is Us fans are used to.

There was some recent controversy around Chris Sullivan for wearing a fat suit on This Is Us. Some fans felt that he couldn’t properly play the role of Toby because he didn’t have a weight problem after all. Chris Sullivan explained to People that he and his on-screen love interest Chrissy Metz (Kate) had already had the discussions to know how they wanted to play the roles and how they wanted to be perceived by This Is Us fans. Metz confirmed that she had no problem with her on-screen fiance wearing a fat suit for filming.

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Chris Sullivan won fans over in the role of Toby. As his interest in Kate grew, he let her know. He has said on the show that some guys have the looks, he has the charm and it is true. Toby brings full-disclosure and sharing your heart to a whole new level. It took Kate a while to understand how great he really is even though it scared her to be so real and vulnerable with another person.

In the second season of This Is Us, fans are hoping to finally find out how Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) died. Having bottled up her grief and blaming herself, Kate sought food as comfort. When she finally shares her story with Toby, fans can expect to see some raw emotions and the beginning of an even deeper connection between the two actors. Chris and Chrissy have successfully molded their character’s relationship. That is what makes it work, not whether Chris Sullivan is wearing a fat suit.

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So what is going on with Chris Sullivan? Viewers know that the show is safe for two more seasons of 18 episodes each, so there are no worries of cancellation for the cast. Toby was in a good spot on the show at the finale of Season 1, so Chris Sullivan won’t be facing a rough return. Whatever it was, this is not the Chris Sullivan that This Is Us fans are accustomed to. There have been no leaks of ill-feelings on the part of the hit NBC show or Chris Sullivan. Of course, if there is an update, you can check back for all the details on the Inquisitr. We will share the full details when they become available.

What do you think of the reports of Chris Sullivan not being friendly to This Is Us fans? Is he having a few bad days, or is something really wrong? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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