Bizarre Developments In Katherine Jackson Elder Abuse Case

Katherine Jackson’s elder abuse case against nephew Trent Jackson just took an expected turn. The matriarch, who happens to be the owner of the Calabasas estate of the Jackson clan, has been MIA for months, and now she has seemingly dropped her elder abuse case.

Katherine Jackson’s elder abuse case is seeing bizarre developments as cracks deepen in the Jackson clan.

Michael Jackson’s mom Katherine, who has been trying to get a restraining order against her nephew, Trent, for allegedly abusing her and stealing from her, is losing her legal battle.

The judge dismissed Katherine Jackson’s elder abuse case after her lawyers had claimed the matriarch was unprepared to go forward with it. The bizarre developments come as 87-year-old Katherine Jackson is believed to be manipulated by some members of the Jackson family, according to TMZ.

Katherine Jackson’s lawyers now claim that their client, who holds legal guardianship over her grandchildren, isn’t ready to go forward with the elder abuse case as she allegedly was never prepared for the case to turn into a highly-publicized trial.

The development in Katherine Jackson’s elder abuse case is especially alarming, given that the matriarch has been absent from most of the hearings and has barely been seen since January.

When filing for a restraining order against her nephew, Katherine Jackson alleged in court documents that Trent kept her away from her kids for years, monitored her phone, and even had a duplicate key to her bedroom.

Trent strongly denies the claims, and he, like other members of the Jackson family, thinks Katherine Jackson was not aware what she was signing if she signed such documents at all.

A major scandal is brewing within the Jackson family as Trent and other members of the family allege that Katherine Jackson is being manipulated by Michael Jackson’s brothers and sisters in an attempt to get their hands on Michael’s estate.

There is apparently only one grandchild of Katherine Jackson who reportedly saw the matriarch recently. TMZ reported on Thursday citing Jackson family members that Katherine Jackson had a face-to-face meeting with her grandson, TJ Jackson.

Katherine Jackson, who hasn’t seen or spoken to her grandchildren since January, reportedly met with TJ recently, but that meeting didn’t take place at her Calabasas home or at the home of Rebbie Jackson, where she has reportedly been staying since January.

Instead, Katherine Jackson reportedly chose a random hotel to meet with her grandson, TJ, who serves as a co-guardian of Michael Jackson’s three children.

TMZ also cited “multiple Jackson family sources” as saying that TJ was under the impression that Katherine Jackson is “living a nomadic life.”

In fact, it was TJ, as well as other family members, that have claimed that Katherine Jackson has been – against her will – held away from her grandchildren by other family members. TJ also believes that Katherine Jackson is being manipulated.

Katherine Jackson also reportedly has plans to move back to Calabasas, but only to buy another house there. The reports have naturally raised eyebrows, as it wouldn’t make sense for an 87-year-old woman to start buying new houses all of a sudden.

If the reports are accurate, however, then it will most likely only further fuel concerns that some members of the Jackson family could be pulling Katherine Jackson’s strings in an attempt to gain control over Michael’s estate.

Other reports indicate that Katherine Jackson wouldn’t be able to buy a new house even if she wanted to because she reportedly has no money. While the mother of Michael Jackson gets a monthly stipend of $67,000 from the estate, she gives almost all of it to her children.

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