WWE News: Shane McMahon Talks About What He Did To Piss Off The Undertaker

When most WWE superstars talk about The Undertaker, they talk about what a great person he is and how much he means to the sport. However, there are also stories about what happens when people make The Undertaker mad, and no one is too big to avoid his anger when he is pushed, including Shane McMahon.

On a recent episode of the Steve Austin Show, Shane McMahon talked about his WrestleMania 32 match against The Undertaker and talked about how he made The Dead Man angry before the match and paid for it during that iconic clash in 2016.

According to Shane McMahon, he accidentally gave The Undertaker a black eye on the go-home Monday Night Raw show before WrestleMania 32. The story is that the two of them were fighting and Shane got a monitor and went to hit him with it. McMahon said that he misjudged the distance and smacked him with it legitimately.

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McMahon said he watched as The Undertaker rolled his eyes back in his head for a moment, and then Shane said he saw the blood start to trickle down. Shane said, at that moment, he knew he was dead. However, instead of just stopping, Shane decided to get a few more strikes since he was already in trouble for it.

When WrestleMania 32 rolled around, Shane McMahon paid for this. McMahon said he was already in hot water with the mother of The Undertaker, who was mad that he had legitimately hurt him in the lead-in segment to WrestleMania. What came at the big show was even worse.

Shane said that The Undertaker took his payback at the start of the WrestleMania 32 match and “crushed” him. McMahon said the two were throwing hands in the start of their match and then The Undertaker laid one in and just smacked him hard, causing Shane to go “into my own world for a second.”

The two kept the match going, and there was one moment where he leg kicked The Undertaker and realized that he had connected too hard once again, hurting The Phenom. Shane saw The Undertaker get pissed and knew he had more coming.

Later in the match, Shane said that he was tired and was just resting on the mat and trying to catch his breath because he had a huge moment coming up and he needed to prepare for it. That is when he didn’t see it coming, but The Undertaker just punched him in the “wide open jaw” and all Shane saw was “gold glitters.”

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Of course, Shane McMahon finished the WrestleMania match, and that included his insane dive off the top of the cage onto The Undertaker, something that caused legitimate injuries to McMahon. According to Shane, he hit The Undertaker too stiff on that dive and broke at least two ribs on his right side.

Shane McMahon said that it took eight or nine weeks for the pain of those broken ribs to stop hurting. McMahon also said that he was smart enough this time to tell his wife before taking the dive because last time he pulled off a crazy stunt like that, he didn’t tell her and was in the doghouse for weeks.

The difference between Shane McMahon and other wrestlers is that he goes back a long way with The Undertaker. In the podcast interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shane said that he remembers when Mean Mark Callous became The Undertaker.

According to Shane, Vince McMahon was interviewing Percy Pringle when he was trying to get a job and asked what he did other than wrestling. When Pringle said he used to be a mortician, Shane said his father’s eyes lit up, and he decided on the spot that Callous would be The Undertaker, and Pringle would become Paul Bearer. The rest is WWE history.

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