‘My 600-LB Life’ Charity ‘Extremely Disappointed’ With Update Episode, Claims TLC Exaggerated Her Problems

The recent My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now episode featuring the return of Charity Pierce managed to attract the interest of viewers with its unusual and strange content. In the recently-aired episode, Charity was shown to have lost some weight, but it was evident that her daughter, Charly, was starting to become obese herself. Apart from this, the dynamic between Charity’s fiance, Tony, and her daughter also seemed to suggest that something intimate was going on between them. Responding to the episode, Charity has taken to her personal Facebook page, criticizing TLC for portraying her progress and her family in a negative light.

Charity has always been one of the most memorable cases ever featured on the show. At one point holding the title of being the world’s heaviest woman, Charity was notable for her relationship with Tony Sauer, a man who is far younger than her. When the couple first met, Charity was 25 and Tony was only 8-years-old. They reconnected when Tony was 18, and they have stayed together ever since. In the recently aired Where Are They Now episode, the dynamic between Charity’s daughter, Charly, and Tony was explored in a relatively suggestive light, and it was picked up by many viewers and avid fans of the show, as reflected in discussions on forums such as Reddit.


Charity, however, has spoken out against the recently aired My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now episode. In a lengthy post on her personal Facebook page, Charity expressly denied any form of relationship between her fiance and daughter. Apart from this, she also rebuked TLC for downplaying her progress since she was first featured on the show. Overall, Charity alleged in her Facebook update that TLC intentionally edited her update episode to make it seem like her situation was a lot worse than it really is. Following is an excerpt from Charity’s social media statement.

“I feel like I have to write this post because there’s (sic) so many idiots in this world. I was extremely disappointed with my update. We did ALOT of activities outside of our house that were filmed and NONE were aired. Charly and Tony are not together and nothing like that is true. Their (sic) related and were (sic) all just a close living family.”

“The film crew made us sit in the living room all those times for supposed still shots and wide views. We do have mental issues but I assure you that incest is not one of them. I do have bipolar, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. But unless you have walked in my shoes and been through what I have been through, then you wouldn’t understand.”

“Tony wasn’t in the show much because the show wanted it to be about me and Charly. The weights were not accurate because they edited everything. I wear 2x pants and 3x shirts bc I like them baggy, which is a huge difference from the 9x I use to wear. Yes, I struggle sometimes but this surgery isn’t a quick fix and the mental problems are still there.”


“I was excited because I was at a stall for quite some time and I had lost almost 20 pounds, which Dr. Now even told me he was proud of me, which they didn’t show. Many times we just did what we were instructed to do so none of what anyone says really matters to me because those who know me in real life know how far I’ve come and know my family. The real US!!”

“Yes, me and Charly do struggle to get along sometimes, but we also have many many great happy times and bond a lot. I don’t give a second thought to negative people because you seen (sic) about 40 minutes of an edited, scripted show whose job is to make things dramatic to get better ratings.”

“Those who support us, thank you. It means a lot to me and I’m sorry my update wasn’t what it was suppose (sic) to be, but we who filmed all those hours know what really happened.”

Considering the content of Charity’s personal Facebook post, the content of the recently-aired My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now episode has just gotten a lot more interesting. The subject’s protests with regards to the way she and her family were portrayed in the episode have added yet another compelling angle to Charity’s ongoing story — a story which, if the recently-aired episode and Charity’s social media rebuttal is any indication, seems to be nowhere close to its conclusion.

Charity’s complete Facebook statement can be read here.


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