Pippa Middleton’s Wedding: Why Sister Kate Middleton Has Fears About The Big Event

Pippa Middleton’s wedding is just around the corner, and it is said to be the most highly-anticipated celebrity nuptials of the year. Ever since Pippa and her beau of nearly a decade, James Matthews, announced their engagement last summer, speculations about this sure-to-be fabulous event have been rampant regarding the guest list, the royals who will be in attendance, and of course, the dress.

There were numerous feud rumors that were ignited due to news of the nuptials, including one involving the Duchess of Cambridge. Initially, it was thought that Pippa had requested Kate not to be a member of her wedding party due to her fear that the wife of Prince William may steal her spotlight. However, royal experts have assured that it is simply a rule of royal etiquette for Kate not to be a member of the party. It would be in poor taste if the duchess took on any role within it. It has been reported that the duchess’ children will be acting as ring bearer and flower girl, however.

Additional rumors stemmed from the reported worries that James’ own brother, Spencer Matthews, who is known for his reality show antics, would bring bad press to the event and to the royal family. This too has been stamped out as false, and it has been relayed by insiders that the royal family is not opposed to any part of the union between Pippa and James.

The most recent rumors have revolved around Prince Harry and his Suits star girlfriend Meghan Markle. It was yet another case of Pippa reportedly being worried that her own spotlight on her big day would be stolen due to the new royal “it” couple gaining the gaze of onlookers. The most recent reports, however, indicate that Markle is invited to the ceremony and the reception, and she has already arrived in the U.K. for the big event, as the Daily Mail notes.

As it seems, Pippa is ready for her big day and not at all worried about other beauties taking away from her matrimonial bliss. However, her sister, Kate, certainly has some fears about the ceremony and how it will all play out. But why is it that Kate is the one with the worries? It all revolves around her children’s roles during the ceremony and their potential to misbehave.

The Sun relays the words of Andrew Bates, who is a confidant of the royals.

“She confided in Andrew Bates — who has worked on the sound for the Queen’s speech for 28 years — and his wife, Janet at the first Buckingham Palace garden party of the summer. Mr Bates, 55, from Coventry, said: ‘She said that they were all really looking forward to her sister’s wedding at the weekend but she was a bit worried about how her children might behave. She said she was hopeful that they would be good but you never know at that age.'”

The ceremony, which is set for this coming Saturday, is to be held in Englefield at St. Mark’s Church. Three-year-old George and 2-year-old Charlotte will likely be the wedding party members who succeed in stealing some of the bride’s spotlight, hopefully simply for their cuteness as opposed to misbehavior.

As the publication reports, there have been worries expressed by the mother of the Middleton girls, Carole, who has made a point to apologize ahead of time to the townspeople of Englefield for any inconvenience that the high-profile wedding might cause.

The Sun shares the words of one resident about Carole’s apology and worries.

“Carole was in Englefield a couple of weeks ago just to apologise to people. It’s out of her hands now. It’s very nice of her but then that’s the kind of people they are anyway. Pippa is very shy. At Christmas Will and Kate were at church but you don’t want to speak to them unless they speak to you first because you know they must get bothered so often.”

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