‘Clash Of Clans’ Update: New Video Of Broken Boat From Supercell, Is ‘Clash of Clans’ Download Going Live Yet?

Clash of Clans update news now includes a 3D video on how the broken boat gets fixed. Posted below, the exclusive Clash of Clans video adds more footage to the Captain’s Log series that Supercell has been posting since May 5. A post to the Clash of Clans Twitter feed is drawing a lot of attention to the new video, as it certainly shines a positive light on what is coming down the road from Supercell.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it was confirmed by a forum moderator that the May 2017 Clash of Clans update won’t be taking place this week. It was also stated that the new download will include a Versus Battle mode, but what that will entail hasn’t been fully explained yet. Some gamers believe that it will allow users to challenge their friends to one-on-one battle with loot (elixir and gold) on the line.

Captain’s Log: Day 5 is also expected to give some heavy hints about the COC download, but that final video in the series hasn’t been released yet. It could come out on Thursday (May 18) or Friday (May 19), giving users a chance to create even more buzz about the game on social media throughout the weekend. It’s also possible that the hotly-anticipated Clash of Clans boat update could then be in place Monday (May 22) when users log on to the game.

There is a lot of anxiousness among gamers who frequent the Supercell forums this week. It appears as though many of the game players have grown tired of waiting for the much-advertised COC update. Patience has definitely become a rare commodity as people scramble to find out details about what the final Clash of Clans boat update is going to look like. This will certainly place an added layer of pressure on the production team.

A statement from Supercell thanking users for their patience was posted in the forums, so it has become very clear that people are tired of waiting. Maybe the delay on releasing the next download is so that they can work out all the bugs before millions of players try to start using their new boats. It’s probably a good idea, especially since so much revenue for Supercell could depend on how well the May 2017 Clash of Clans update is embraced by gamers.

The lack of Clash of Clans sneak peeks for the latest update has also been hard for users to deal with. Typically, there are hints about what is coming and exactly what users are going to be able to enjoy. When Supercell added Clan Wars to the mix, there were no real secrets about how it would work. Nearly everyone knew that it was going to allow clans to battle against each other in a format that would yield rewards. Currently, gamers only have rumors to work off of, with a differing opinion on what will be available in the next download.

Some of those rumors include a second village, a Night Mode, a way to earn more loot, one-on-one battles, and the ability to be in two Clan Wars at the same time. Some of the rumors will turn out to be true, likely including the ability to use the second village to carry out simultaneous attacks, but some are also going to turn out to be false. When the broken boat update is finally revealed, at least users know it will include sailing across the seas to new destinations.

There is now an SMS alert that has been provided for those users who can’t help but check in frequently on the status of the next COC update. The Twitter post above gives information on how to sign up for that alert and become one of the first people to know when it is uploaded. For everyone else, patience will become a big deal, but everything points to the huge May 2017 Clash of Clans update finally getting revealed at the beginning of next week.

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