Peet’s Coffee New Maple Waffle And Gouda Chicken Sandwich Is A Thing Of Breakfast Dreams

On May 16, Peet’s Coffee added a brand-new item to its breakfast menu – the Maple Waffle & Gouda Chicken breakfast sandwich. The new addition is in celebration of Peet’s one year anniversary of Warm Breakfast offerings.

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According to a company press release, this limited-edition breakfast sandwich will be available through August 31 and can be enjoyed at any hour in NorCal, SoCal, Illinois, and DC Metro Area coffee bars for just $4.95.

“Adding the Maple Waffle and Gouda Chicken sandwich to our breakfast lineup for summer demonstrates our commitment to innovating our coffee bar offerings with a foodie focus in mind,” Liz Berman, Vice President, Retail Marketing, Peet’s Coffee said in a statement. “We are always seeking opportunities to provide our customers with a memorable experience and are excited to unveil this fresh take on an American favorite.”

The Maple Waffle & Gouda Chicken Sandwich

Peet’s describes the Maple Waffle & Gouda Chicken sandwich as the “ultimate combination of sweet and savory,” made with maple, a buttermilk liege style waffle and cage-free eggs topped with seasoned chicken sausage.

To “freshen up” this American classic, the sandwich is paired with creamy aged Gouda.

“Our customers prize quality, taste and freshness above all else and our range of breakfast options easily meets their demand,” Beth Hammond, Director of Food and Merchandise, Peet’s Coffee said. “From full-flavorful ingredients, to nontraditional pairings, our Maple Waffle and Gouda Chicken builds on our efforts to ensure that Peetniks are always enjoying delicious and filling breakfast sandwiches that balance our handcrafted coffee.”

Peet’s Warm Breakfast Menu

The sandwich will be a tasty addition to Peet’s existing Warm Breakfast menu, which includes an Egg & Cheddar sandwich, made with a home-style fried egg and aged cheddar served on seven-grain toast; a Tomato and Quinoa Quiche, made with a creamy combination of smoked fontina cheese, roasted tomato, quinoa, kale, and of course, eggs; a Bacon & Cheddar sandwich, made with thick cut bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, and a scrambled egg served on grilled rustic sourdough bread; a Kale Chimichurri & Goat Cheese Wrap, made with tomatoes, goat cheese, and egg whites covered in kale chimichurri served on an ancient grains wrap; a Chicken Chorizo Flatbread, made with chicken chorizo, a blend of shredded cheddar and jack cheese, and a scrambled egg patty served on crispy lavash; a Maple Chicken Sausage sandwich, made with sweet and savory maple chicken sausage, Swiss cheese, and an egg white patty served on a potato roll, and Peet’s Simply Oatmeal, made with whole-grain steel-cut oats.

At just 480 calories, the Maple Waffle & Gouda Chicken sandwich compliments Peet’s wholesome Warm Breakfast menu without sacrificing taste. And, as a bonus, you won’t have to feel guilty about snacking down on Peet’s other breakfast items, either. All of Peet’s breakfast sandwiches are less than 400 calories — four of which have less than 300 calories.

Peet’s Coffee Adds Fog-Inspired Beverages

On May 12, Peet’s Coffee hosted a “Sip Free” event to show off its newest lineup of cold brew delights.

“Peet’s Coffee is excited to roll out in its coffee bars a superior and smooth cold brew line that playfully nods to the elemental nature of San Francisco and reaffirms our position as ‘Destination Cold Brew,'” Berman said in a press release. “We are proud that Cold Brew Fog, Cold Brew Fog Latte, and Mojito Black Tie offer a premium experience for any coffee lover, especially those seeking a light and refreshing way to escape the summer heat this season.”

And, if you missed the event, there’s still good news. Peet’s Coffee will be offering a buy-one, get-one offer on any beverage of any size between May 19 and August 25.

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