Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Already Living Together?

According to reports, Kylie Jenner may be taking things to level 10 with her beau, rapper Travis Scott, and the pair could already be living together or at least planning to take the plunge. The youngest Kardashian-Jenner has been with Scott for a little over a month publicly, right after splitting from her three-year, on again, off again relationship with Tyga.

The young star wants her boyfriend to move in with her, although it is possible he already has done so. Although she owns a home in Hidden Hills, California near her siblings and mother, the star’s $12 million home is currently under construction. As such, she is renting out a mansion in Beverly Hills with a $35 million price tag and is paying a mere $125,000 per month. Maybe she’s desperate for Travis to move in so that she can pay the rent?

An insider weighed in on the pair’s relationship.

“Kylie and Trav have been discussing moving into her new pad together. It’s temporary. They’re really into one another and she’s the one who suggested that they play house and see how living under one roof would be.”

Kylie Jenner purchased a huge mansion by herself before she even graduated high school, something most teens don’t have the luxury to do. But while reports say her family and friends told her the house was too big for one person, she didn’t buy it. And now, the house she currently resides in is still too large for Kylie to occupy.

“It’s a big ass house and Kylie honestly doesn’t want to be there alone with her dogs.

She would be too scared. She wants to feel protected and secure, and Travis provides that. Besides, she wants someone to keep her warm at night and to tell her how beautiful she is in the morning.

“The only man she wants to make her feel that way and tell her that is Travis!” a source revealed.

Sources also state that Kylie Jenner doesn’t actually want Travis Scott to help her pay her massive rent, but instead just wants him there. The young star may be used to forking over cash to help her beaus, as financial struggles and debt were one of the reasons she and Tyga split and one of the reasons her family wasn’t overly keen on him. Although it isn’t clear whether Kylie Jenner was paying his way for anything, it is rather likely given the enormity of some of his financial problems and how big the Kardashian family’s wallets are.

Kylie Jenner wants Travis Scott to move in with her on a temporary basis to see if things will work out, according to insiders. But is that really moving in or just acting like a couple that is constantly at one another’s house but won’t take the plunge and move in?

But either way, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have been moving incredibly fast in their budding romance. According to news outlets, Kylie has already traveled to Houston, where she has met Scott’s family. Some report that she is even hoping for him to propose to her sooner, rather than later.

However, Scott, like her former boyfriend, Tyga, also is facing legal issues. The rapper was arrested after an Arkansas concert for supposedly inciting a riot during one of his concerts. He has previously come under fire for telling members of his audience to crowd surf, and he encouraged a fan to jump from the balcony onto the waiting crowd below. But instead of being caught, the fan broke his back, which led to some serious issues for Scott.

The pair’s relationship will likely play out in Jenner’s new reality show.

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