‘Mike & Mike’ Split Harbors Bad Blood? ESPN Deemed ‘Idiots’ In Mike Golic’s Son’s Tweet

The long-running ESPN radio show, Mike & Mike, will disband leaving both Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg going their separate ways. Mike and Mike will take different paths, but those paths won’t lead them too far away from each other. Both of the morning show stars will still be players on an ESPN venue, but they will no longer be together. This has fans and a Golic family member quite peeved, as evident across the social media sites. Fans of the show are basically wanting to know — why is ESPN fixing something that wasn’t broken?

The breakup of this duo is not without some bad blood running through it, according to reports today. No one involved in the decision of the demise of Mike & Mike is talking too much about what transpired to end this 17-year union, which was a morning mainstay for ESPN.

The Washington Post reports that Mike Golic is talking “cryptically” about the split of Mike & Mike and the New York Post reports there’s “bad blood around how ESPN ended Mike & Mike.” Something happened, but no one has come out to say just what did occur to put an end to this popular radio show.


One person who is not holding back is Mike Golic’s son, Jake. He sent out a series of tweets slamming the ESPN head honchos. Jake Golic is not alone in his disappointment, as the fans of the Mike & Mike Show are doing some slamming of their own. No matter what Jake had to say, comments built up agreeing with him about how idiotic it was to split the duo. While Golic’s son Jake was in rare form taking aim at ESPN, he tweeted a picture of what he deemed as the “higher ups” at ESPN at work, as seen below.

Still, Jake’s tweets were a bit harsh compared to some of the fans comments, as Golic’s offspring took it upon himself to call those in charge at ESPN “idiots,” according to For the Win. Golic’s son’s tweets did start out as ripping, but when he was done with the tweet campaign against ESPN, he rolled it back a bit. It appeared he was just venting and then when done, he was able to come back to reality. Jakes tweets,

Fans of the show commented on Jake’s tweets and they were really confused about ESPN’s decision to break up a winning duo, like the tweet seen below.

It looks like Greenberg gets his own morning TV show on ESPN and Golic will continue on with morning radio with another son of his, Mike Jr., joining him and Trey Wingo on the show. The New York Post describes the mood radiating from the two Mike’s when discussing the split. The Post writes,

“While Greenberg was nostalgic, Golic was more pointed in his comments Wednesday. There’s a thinly veiled bitterness around how ESPN executives handled the messaging around the end of the show.”


Golic didn’t sugarcoat the decision to disband Mike & Mike, but he did fall short of informing the fans of just what was going on. He said, “For me, it’s not my story to tell. I’m going to continue doing this exact same show. It’s for others to tell who made this decision, if they want to tell it and how they want to tell it.”

He also said that this split has been “the worst-kept secret for a long time.” Then he added how he saw the last year and a half as being very interesting, “if not eyebrow-raising as well.” It sounds as if there was some bad blood written between Golic’s lines, but it’s anyone’s guess on who should really tell the story, as he insinuated above.

Golic looks at his new lot in life as “the same game,” but he is “changing teammates.” He also said while they are “not going to reinvent the wheel, we’ll change the wheel a bit.” Golic did say he is looking forward to the new gig and he is especially excited to have his son, Mike Jr. join him.

Both Greenberg and Golic address their future after the Mike & Mike Show comes to an end in the tweeted video below. Fans of the show are happy to hear they can still enjoy both of the Mikes on a venue via ESPN, but many don’t understand why ESPN would attempt to fix something that wasn’t broken.

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