Bob Carter – Nick And Aaron Carter’s Father Dies At Age 65

Bob Carter, the father of Nick And Aaron Carter, the celebrated singers, has just passed away at the age of 65. Nick tweeted the sad news at 11.20 a.m. EST stating, ” I am heartbroken to share the news that our father, Robert, passed away last night.”

Bob Carter is said to have passed away on Tuesday night, according to sources who spoke to TMZ. Aaron is said to have posted a tweet in connection to his father’s death, which said something about being found unconscious. It was, however, deleted soon after. Their father, Bob Carter, was featured on House of Carters, their family reality show. Details of the cause of his death are yet to emerge.

Nick and Aaron Carter’s father, Bob Carter, has been very vocal in the past, particularly about his sons’ struggles due to his closeness to them. In 2008, Bob told PEOPLE that the arrest of his son, Aaron Carter, for marijuana possession made him feel utterly betrayed, revealing that he had been living in denial about his son’s habits. The following was his actual statement in relation to this.

“I’m just totally floored by this. Other people suspected he had a problem, but I denied it and didn’t believe it. But now I feel hurt and betrayed, because I see that everything wasn’t what I thought it was.”

Aaron was apparently on his way to confront Bob Carter about his finances, based on potential misinformation from his finance managers. They had informed him that he was going broke primarily because his father was living off his money. Bob Carter cited this to be totally false saying, “It’s not true; I don’t live off Aaron’s money.”

Bob Carter said he hoped the arrest would be a wake-up call to Aaron as he needed a life-lesson, pointing out, “Sometimes it takes a knock in the head to get people back on track. I hope that’s what happens here… The bottom line is that I love my son very much. It’s important that he knows that I will do anything for him.”

In related news, Bob’s son Nick revealed last month to concerned fans why he was so skinny, tweeting, “By the way y’all wanna know why I’m so skinny? It’s because @ 19 i was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, I didn’t choose that. be kind to me…”

He gained tremendous support from fans, some going through similar situations. The following were some of the tweets in response to his revelation.

Kristina? @tina_1816 Apr 26

I have a auto immune disease Hashimoto’s we all have something problems you shouldn’t have to explain yourself stay strong

Miss Bear @clareelcock Apr 26

Don’t ever apologise for being you,what you choose to do is nothing of anyone’s else’s business,so long as you’re happy and healthy xx

Brittanie McCormack? @wapogipo88 Apr 26

You’re an incredible person. People who are unnecessarily cruel to you piss me off. Long as you’re HEALTHY & HAPPY that’s all that matters.

@heathersayhey Apr 26

I have Crohn’s disease. Makes me not wanna eat too so i feel u. It’s debilitating and people get offended by it but wtf it’s not ur fault

Melodye Joy? @modelmelodyejoy Apr 26

Dude. You are only human. Who doesn’t have a health issue at one time or another? Love u! Glad you are doing so well! Xoxo

Both Aaron and Nick Carter are currently mourning their father’s death and have posted tweets requesting for their privacy to be respected during this trying time. The following are their tweets.


According to TMZ, Bob suffered a heart attack which led to his death. It has been speculated that exhaustion contributed to his death as he was was working exceptionally hard that day, and spent some time out in the hot Florida sun. He soon after suffered chest pains and collapsed.

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