‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Nicole Infertility News, Fight Looming Over Baby Lizzie?

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers tease that newlyweds Nicole Avant (Reign Edwards) and Zende Forrester (Rome Flynn) have a rough rest of the week coming that could unfold into a full-blown crisis the following week. Even though Nicole and Zende were married just a quick minute ago, but they’re already talking about starting a family, and that’s what sparks new drama for them.

Nicole And Zende Get Devastating News

Nicole and Zende want a clear path ahead for baby making, but The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers from Soaps She Knows say there will be a roadblock thrown up almost immediately. On Friday, May 19, B&B casting news tells us Dr. Caspary (Jacqueline Hahn) checks Nicole out and then delivers a stunning diagnosis to the newly married duo that will send them reeling.

Nicole was in perfect fertility health when she gave birth to little Lizzie for big sis Maya Avant (Karla Mosley) and Rick Forrester (Jacob Young), but it seems some complications have cropped up since then. Nicole’s infertility diagnosis might be the result of the procedures to impregnate her with Rick’s sperm to carry a child for Maya and Rick, or it could have been a delivery complication.

Bad Baby News And Another Favor Asked

On top of the bad news about Zende and Nicole having a child of their own, The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers promise Rick and Maya ask yet another favor of the young couple. Rick and Maya plan to go to Paris and want Zende and Nicole to babysit little Lizzie. Unfortunately, this ill-timed favor piled on top of Zende and Nicole’s heartbreaking news might be the start of a major splintering of the Avant sisters.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers predict Zende and Nicole will babysit Lizzie as requested, but unpredictable emotions stir in Rick and Maya’s absence. Caring for the baby together reminds Nicole and Zende that this is a future they might never share if her infertility proves to be permanent. The two spending a week alone with Nicole and Rick’s biological child will spark resentment and maybe more.

Zende Fuming – Resurrects Anger Over Last Pregnancy

New The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers hint that Zende’s old resentment over Nicole’s favor pregnancy for Maya will bubble up in Zende. Giving Maya an egg and nine months of her life was a big ask of her little sister, but Nicole did it. What’s more, Nicole did it even though she was a virgin and in a serious relationship with Zende. To complicate things, Maya and Rick have since asked for a second child and that almost ruined Nicole’s future with Zende.

For Zende to think that they squandered the one shot he and Nicole had for a child on Rick and Maya is too much for him to bear. Nicole hasn’t borne any ill will for Maya asking her to carry a child, but things may change if Nicole believes she can’t ever have another child, as hinted by The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers. There is a lot of frustration for the newlywed couple, but they love Lizzie.

Will a Custody Fight Break Out?

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers hint there could be deeper trouble brewing. It is not confirmed and is only whispers at this time, but if Nicole can’t have another biological child, could she stake a claim on Lizzie? Nicole is Lizzie’s biological mother while Rick is the little girl’s biological father. If Nicole can’t have another baby, she might want to formalize her access to the child she already birthed.

If these The Bold and The Beautiful rumors come true, this could prove a bitter battle between the Avant sisters and Forrester family. Maya wanted a child but couldn’t have one because of her trans status, and now Nicole might not be able to have a baby because of the favor she did for her sister. It’s understandable she’d want more of Lizzie if that’s the only child she’ll ever bear.

Can the sisters overcome this obstacle and find a middle ground? The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers hint that being Lizzie’s aunt might not be enough for Nicole, and she may want more. However, B&B is also known for building up an epic drama like this, and rather than letting it explode, it fizzles out instead. It happened with Nicole and Sasha Thomas (Felisha Cooper) and many other plots.

We’ll learn more about the future of Nicole’s fertility on Friday’s episode, according to the latest The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers.

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