‘Big Brother 19’ Cast Rumors: Notifications Sent Out For ‘BB19’ Cast, Will The Semi-Finalists Be All New?

Big Brother 19 cast rumors created a lot of buzz this week. It was revealed that production contacted the BB19 cast semi-finalists, showing how close they are to announcing who will be walking through the front doors this summer. This piece of news also seems to confirm that this won’t be another season of Big Brother: All-Stars, likely giving a new group of houseguests a shot at the $500,000 prize.

When Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass posts information on Twitter, people tend to pay attention. That’s exactly what happened when she posted an update about applications from the BB19 cast members. Kass stated that all the semi-finalists have been contacted for Big Brother Season 19, setting the stage for the final casting process. This means that even though the official BB19 cast isn’t set yet, that they are among a pool of final applicants.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there isn’t a large amount of information that has been released about Big Brother 19 just yet. Fans know that the season premiere is on June 28, that the summer episodes will air on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and that Julie Chen is returning as the host. Outside of those facts that have been confirmed by CBS and show producers, not a lot is known about how the reality competition show will work in 2017.

There is certainly a high number of Big Brother 19 rumors still floating around social media, including suggestions that the casting calls are all a rouse intended to generate interest in the upcoming season. Some fans believe that the BB19 house will be filled with returning cast members, giving many of them a second chance to win the $500,000 prize. That would seem like a cruel joke to those potential houseguests who are going through the long application process though.

Recent seasons have used themes in order to bring back a few former houseguests and work them into a cast of “new blood.” That’s what the producers did with Big Brother 18, which ended up with returning houseguest Nicole Franzel winning a final jury vote over Paul Abrahamian. James Huling, who had also starred in Big Brother 17, finished third place for the season. Producers even brought back Jason Roy when trying out the entirely online version of Big Brother: Over The Top this fall.

There are only six weeks left until the Big Brother 19 season premiere, but the cast will have already entered the BB19 house a few days before the first episode airs on June 28. It is typical for the cast to begin playing the game the weekend prior to the premiere, giving producers a few extra days of footage to work with. It also gives a lot of time for potential Big Brother 19 spoilers to leak about how the season is progressing.

There was a definite uptick in the number of people looking for Big Brother 19 spoilers online this week. The announcement from Robyn Kass generated enough interest that Google searches for cast information saw a defined spike. While there isn’t much information to find at this time, it certainly proves that the die-head fans of the show are ready for things to get started. CBS has also provided all past episodes of the show through the All Access application that is available to online subscribers.

This is where fans of the show are just going to have to be patient about BB19 cast information because producers have been able to do a great job of keeping it under wraps. If any information is going to get leaked, whether accidental or on purpose, it typically comes when returners start to go dormant on social media. That hasn’t happened yet, but with six weeks left until the Big Brother 19 season premiere, there is a lot of time left for someone to start giving fans the information they so badly want.

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