Matt Baier, Amber Portwood’s Fiance, Says He Took A Second Lie Detector Test; Insists They Are Still Together

This past weekend, news broke that Matt Baier and Amber Portwood, stars of Teen Mom OG, called off their engagement. And while Amber has kept her lips sealed on whether or not the pair are still together, Matt Baier insists that they are and that the wedding is still on.

Amber Portwood has expressed severe trust issues in her husband-to-be for quite a long time. Many fans of the show and friends of Amber’s have suspected he has been less than faithful to her during their relationship. Her ex, Gary Shirley, even confronted Amber during an episode of Teen Mom OG with a list of kids that Matt supposedly has that she didn’t know about.

Recently, rumors swirled that Matt had been having several affairs and that he had even fathered a child with a mystery woman. Several women came forward, leaking supposed photos and text messages they had exchanged with Baier and one woman gave the press a sound file of someone who was allegedly Baier threatening her. However, it has not been confirmed that this is him and many fans believe it is someone posing as him to stir up drama and controversy.

According to reports, Matt and Amber Portwood decided to call off their relationship after she made him take a lie detector test, which he failed, during their recent trip to Los Angeles. She supposedly sent him packing and told him to be out of their Indiana home by the time she returned. She did an interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky’s wife where she referred to their relationship in past tense and has been deleting all social media evidence that they were ever together.

But Matt says that’s not what’s going on at all.

“I took the second lie detector test so Amber would have no doubt about what the truth was on a number of subjects.”

“While some people may think going to these lengths is extreme, I think that when you love someone the way Amber and I love each other that you do whatever is required to make your partner happy and comfortable. Relationships are built not only on love but on trust as well and taking those tests was something I was happy to do.”

The website The Dirty insists that Matt was telling the truth in regards to all of the questions he answered, presumably which had to do with cheating on or attempting to cheat on Amber.

Amber Portwood has been hesitant to marry Matt for a while, so it would not be surprising if the pair called off their October wedding. She has already put the wedding date back once before, and in a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, broke down crying over her hesitation to marry her fiance.

While in a bridal shop looking at dresses for a friend, Amber Portwood decided to try on a dress for herself. She reasoned that maybe her fears would melt if she saw how amazing she looked in the bridal gown, but instead, the mom of one flooded with tears.

She confided in her producer before she tried on the dress.

“He wants to get married. I’m scared. We’ve been through a lot. I love him obviously. I’m waiting for the day the trust is completely there. I hope nothing messes it up and I hope everything is in order,” she said.

The Teen Mom OG star looked stunning her the dress she picked out, but didn’t seem to be thrilled with the idea of marrying Matt. If trust truly is an issue between the pair, perhaps it is better they break up now before tying the knot making separation must more difficult.

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