‘Get Out’ Sequel: Jordan Peele Is Working On How ‘To Beat The Original’

Jordan Peele has admitted that he’s very interested in making a sequel to his critically acclaimed horror film Get Out, which was released earlier this year to rave reviews and a mammoth box office haul, especially in comparison to its relatively tiny budget.

The writer and director, who shot to fame thanks to his work on Key And Peele, made this admission at a recent event to mark the release of Get Out on home entertainment. But while Jordan Peele was adamant that there is much more to the world of Get Out to explore, he insisted that he would only return if he was able to create something that would eclipse the original film.

With Get Out having scored a near perfect score of 99 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, which means that out of its 256 reviews 255 were positive and just 1 was negative, this is going to take quite some doing. However, Jordan Peele insists that he is already “on the case” to do just that.

“Look, I feel like there’s much more depth to the world [of Get Out]. I would only deliver the audience a sequel if I felt like I was going to beat the original. So you know, I’m on the case. I’m on the case.”

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But this isn’t just Jordan Peele’s decision, because the team behind the hugely successful horror film will have to back the filmmaker again. Considering that Get Out ultimately grossed $214.3 million from just a $4.5 million budget, its likely that producers would be chomping at the bit for a potentially lucrative follow-up. In fact, producer Sean McKittrick admitted at the same event that not only would he “love to” see a Get Out follow-up, but that there has also been discussions about what it could entail ever since the first film was pitched by Jordan Peele.

“I hope we’re going to make one. I would love to. We’ve been joking and half-joking about sequels and prequels to Get Out since the initial conversation over a pitch of Get Out.”

But while Jordan Peele and Sean McKittrick’s comments regarding a possible Get Out follow-up, which come courtesy of JoBlo, were very encouraging, there was one member of the first film’s creative team that looked to temper the possibility of a second film.

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Producer Jason Blum, whose studio Blumhouse Productions has achieved huge success not only with Get Out but also with The Purge, Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and Sinister franchises, as well as The Visit, Whiplash, and Split, admitted that he can’t quite imagine how a sequel would work.

“We’ve managed to do sequels to almost every one of the hits that we’ve had, and this is the first movie where I just cannot imagine what the sequel would be. So if Jordan came up with an idea of what he wanted to do as a sequel to the movie, of course we would do it … but I’m not encouraging him to do that, I and I really can’t conceive of what it would be.”

Don’t expect Jason Blum to push Jordan Peele for a sequel to Get Out, too, because the producer insisted that he’s going to step back and wait and see if Peele develops an idea organically for the film rather than throwing his own suggestions into the mix and trying to twist his arm to explore the world in more detail.

“I don’t think it’s the kind of movie where you push Jordan to come up with another one… If it organically happens, it happens, but I don’t think anything good would come of forcing it to happen … and I don’t think that’s always the case. There are plenty of directors where I’m like, ‘Dude, you’ve gotta make one.'”

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