‘Heroes Of The Storm’ Adds D.Va From ‘Overwatch’ Today, Get 10 Free Loot Boxes In Both Games For Playing

D.Va and her mech are moving from the public test realm to the live Heroes of the Storm servers today. The Overwatch hero is officially entering the Nexus with today’s maintenance alongside a few hero changes and a new battleground rotation. Not to mention, the last week of the Nexus Challenge 2.0 event is now underway. Players can earn 10 free loot boxes for both Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch just for completing the events’ four quests.

After a week on the public test realm, D.Va is ready to enter the Nexus. She is classified as a warrior in Heroes of the Storm with high survivability and utility. D.Va can boost across the battlefield moving quickly and damaging any enemies in her way. She can also protect allies with Defense Matrix and eject from her mech to cause a massive explosion according to the game’s official announcement.

“Not wanting to be outdone by her fellow Overwatch combatants, D.Va has entered the Nexus and is ready to make her mark on this world. As a ranged warrior who engages from within her armored, bi-pedal exo-suit, she can capably disrupt the enemy while providing ample cover for her allies in combat.”

Today’s patch to Heroes of the Storm also updates which maps are available to play in the MOBA. Instead of the typical six maps available in matchmaked modes, players will find nine options. Currently, the plan is to shuffle the battleground maps three times during each ranked season; however, the number of battlegrounds and their rotation is subject to change.

While in her mech, D.Va can use Self-Destruct to exit the mech and cause an explosion around it [Image by Blizzard Entertainment]

The full list of available maps is noted on the game’s official website within this week’s patch notes. A few changes to Alarak, Dehaka, Nova, and Tyrande are part of the patch alongside a few UI changes. Alarak and Tyrande saw the most changes with crucial updates to many of their abilities. Additionally, each new D.Va skin, banner, and more are listed in the notes.

In addition to welcoming D.Va to the Nexus, many Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch players are excited to pick up free 10 loot boxes for both games today. After the maintenance for the MOBA, players can start completing the final week’s quest as part of the Nexus Challenge 2.0 event. After completing the first three quests, players can start the final quest to unlock 10 free boxes in both games.

Right now, the only way to unlock the Officer D.Va skin is to play Heroes of the Storm [Image by Blizzard Entertainment]

Each week, players have been tasked with playing five matches alongside a friend in Heroes of the Storm. The first quest could be completed against the AI, but unfortunately, the remaining three quests require players to fight against others. For each quest completed, players are rewarded with free items in both Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch. For example, the second week’s quest unlocked a unique Officer D.Va skin in Overwatch and a mount in Heroes of the Storm.

Players can finish the Nexus Challenge 2.0 quests now, and players that have yet to begin can still unlock all of the event’s rewards. The previous three quests are still available. Each quest must be completed before earning credit toward the next quest, though. That means players will need to complete 20 matches in Heroes of the Storm with a friend to unlock the Oni Genji skin, the Officer D.Va skin, additional D.Va items, and the 10 loot boxes in both titles. To find out more about the Nexus Challenge 2.0 event and preview its rewards, check out the Heroes of the Storm event page.

As the last week of the Nexus Challenge 2.0 event, players will need to work quickly to unlock their rewards. The event ends on May 22, and after that date, the quests and rewards will no longer be available. For items like the Oni Genji skin and the Officer D.Va skin, the event is the only way to unlock them right now. As the Inquisitr reported, Blizzard Entertainment developers plan on making these items available in normal loot boxes in the future.

[Featured Image by Blizzard Entertainment]

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