‘Deadliest Catch’ News: Jake Harris Skips Out On Phoenix Court Date, Now Judge Issues Arrest Warrant

Former Deadliest Catch star Jake Harris has found himself in a boatload of trouble. According to TMZ the youngest son of the late Captain Phil Harris has skipped out on his May 12 court date in Phoenix. He had a hearing scheduled, due to an April arrest for two counts of felony drug possession. He was allegedly found with both crystal meth and Xanax. According to the documents from court, the judge issued a bench warrant for the arrest of Jake Harris.

As the Inquisitr reported late last month, a Maricopa County police report revealed that the former Deadliest Catch star Harris and an unidentified woman took a “vacation” around April 20. Although it does not appear that she was his girlfriend, the two “hung out” a lot, despite her being married to someone other than Harris. The two decided to have an extended hang out, and together they went on a road trip from their home state of Washington down to sunny Arizona, where the arrest occurred.

On the morning of April 21, Jake had left her at the hotel and had taken her car, allegedly, without her permission. Despite trying to contact him via telephone on numerous occasions, she was unable to reach him. She then telephoned Phoenix police and reported that Jake had stolen her car.

On the next day, the woman phoned the police again, as she physically saw Jake Harris at the Circle K gas station. The police promptly arrived to the scene to arrest Jake Harris. When they approached the former reality star, they searched his body and reportedly found both crystal meth and Xanax pills. He was then asked if these were his pills, and he allegedly confirmed that they were. He was then arrested on one count of felony automobile theft and two counts of felony drug possession.

This has been a very challenging period of time for Jake Harris. In November, Jake had met up with a couple, and the man, woman, and Jake went to a casino, north of Seattle. After a few hours at the casino, the couple agreed that they would drive Harris home. On the way home, the car stopped suddenly, and the man who was sitting in the backseat, behind Harris, began to beat him ferociously from behind. Jake was robbed of the $2,400 in his possession, as well as his identification in his wallet. The car started moving forward, and then he was thrown out of the running car, onto the highway, left to die. Another car saw what transpired and took Harris to the hospital.

The 31-year-old was in ICU for several days with a cracked skull and brain trauma. This incident took months for the former Deadliest Catch star to recover from.

Unlike the November incident, there has been nothing posted about Jake on the Deadliest Catch–FV/Cornelia Marie Facebook page, with the exception of fans expressing their support for Jake on recovering from this incident in the comments field. When Jake was beaten up in November, Josh Harris posted several times on the site using the Facebook Live video function. He did not do the same with this recent Arizona incident.

Deadliest Catch fans know Jake Harris has had a history of drug addiction. In 2011, he spoke with Dr. Drew about his addiction to opiates.

“In high school I was a skater and it turned out I wasn’t very good. I broke some limbs is how I got addicted to opiates.”

In 2013, Josh Harris had to explain to the Huffington Post why Jake was not on the Deadliest Catch.

“My brother’s been going through issues. He’s lost in drugs still. Jake’s gotta take care of his own stuff right now. Deal with his demons.”

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