Farrah Abraham Is Taking A Break From Her Mom

Farrah Abraham and her mother, Debra Danielsen, are reportedly estranged.

According to Danielsen, who is currently appearing alongside her Teen Mom OG star daughter on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition, she hasn’t seen her daughter, Farrah Abraham, or her granddaughter, eight-year-old Sophia Abraham, since October of last year.

“[Farrah Abraham] told me she’s taking a break,” Danielsen, 60, said during an interview with Radar Online on May 16. “I’m very sad because I love Farrah and Sophia, they’re my life. I miss them very much. We’ve always been a close family.”

Farrah Abraham and her mother have been seen at odds numerous times throughout their time on Teen Mom OG and other reality shows, but according to Danielsen, she’s not on board with Abraham’s plan to spend time apart.

“I have reached out many times. Texts, phone calls, business things – everything is ignored,” Danielson continued.

According to the report, Danielsen is under the impression that her relationship with fiancé David Merz has a lot to do with her estrangement from Farrah Abraham and has now opted to postpone her wedding until she and her daughter make amends.

“While that’s not the sole reason, I think he has an awful lot to do with it,” she said. “It’s a hard situation… I love my daughter and God knows I love my family. David and I want a happy, healthy and close family.”

Oddly, after Debra Danielsen shared her sentiments with Radar Online, Farrah Abraham spoke to the outlet and denied they were estranged, proclaiming, “That’s a lie!”

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During a recent episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition, Debra Danielsen informs Farrah Abraham that she is going to be leaving set for a few days to visit her fiancé. Right away, Abraham makes it clear that she is not too fond of the idea.

“I like to be surprised, I like to go on trips, too,” Farrah Abraham told her mother. “But not when it is a family boot camp and you need to go and be with your family.”

Farrah Abraham went on to reveal that her mother was essentially risking their relationship with her behavior.

“You can lose your daughter because you have to choose a man over your daughter. My mom leaving the house makes me upset and it makes me sad,” she said.

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In other Farrah Abraham news, the reality star’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, Simon Saran, recently took aim at Abraham’s mother on Twitter after the official page for Teen Mom OG tweeted a link which revealed Danielson was waiting for her daughter’s blessing before she weds.

“Well of course they need her on board. Someone’s got to finance it,” Saran wrote.

Farrah Abraham didn’t respond to Simon Saran’s post.

As fans have seen on Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran have been on and off for years and currently, it is hard to say what is going on between them. While the reality stars recently enjoyed a family trip to Key West, Florida with Sophia, Abraham has since told press that she and Saran are no longer dating.

“I honestly have just dedicated myself to being single for a while,” Farrah Abraham explained to OK! Magazine weeks ago. “I don’t feel I need a relationship right now and I think it’s good for both of us.”

For more of Farrah Abraham and her family, tune into new episodes of Teen Mom OG Season 6B on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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