Jill Dillard Reminds Fans Of The Violence In Central America After Losing Friend-Is Her Family In Real Danger?

The violence in Central America is real and Jill Dillard is right in the middle of it. The Duggar daughter and her family are on the mission field helping the local people who are faced with dangerous living conditions every single day. She is there with husband Derick and their son, Israel. She is also very pregnant, due to have her second child this summer. Has it become way too dangerous for this family to continue their work?

Jill gave an update on the Dillard Family Blog on the most recent incident that has happened, and it is not good at all. She has posted once again of the extreme violence that has been going on in the area close to where they are staying. A good friend was murdered last weekend. His body was found by his family down by the river, and they are mourning his loss. This is just a reminder of how dangerous it really is.

There were also a few photos posted of the man that had become a close part of their family. One of the snapshots was with Israel and a little girl, possibly the man’s granddaughter. Jill Dillard described how that family has been afraid to even leave their house. They live in real fear of being kidnapped and murdered.

It doesn’t sound like Jill and Derick are living in that immediate area, but they had previously spoken out on an episode of Counting On about the danger that their family faces while living in Central America. There are murderous gangs around, and people live in fear for their lives. The Dillards take special precautions as they travel about visiting those families around them. The expectant mom was in tears on the TLC show just talking about what could happen, especially the thought of losing her husband.

Jill and Derick are obviously upset and grieving the loss of their friend, as they mentioned in their blog. He and his family had been visiting with them in the days before his murder. It is a harsh reality living in Central America that these things can happen. This is why Duggar fans have been concerned about the Dillard family spending so much time there, especially with having little Israel living in danger as well. Now with another baby on the way, they will have two little ones to protect.

They have certainly not turned a blind eye to the dangers of living and working in Central America, but they are willing to take that chance to spend time with the local people that have become a big part of their lives. They do ask for prayers as they continue doing missions.

Michelle Duggar wrote a post on the Duggar FamilyOfficial Facebook page on Tuesday talking about how mothers continue to pray for their children not only when they are small, but also when they grow up and get out on their own. This was after the Dillard family update was posted. She could very well have been thinking about her daughter’s life in a dangerous country as she was writing it.

Jill Dillard is due for her second child, another boy, in July. She will also be celebrating her birthday on May 17 as she is turning 26. While there has not been an exact date announced publicly as to when she and her family will be heading home, they are expected to be back in the U.S. some time before this new bundle of joy arrives. The whole Duggar crew will be waiting anxiously for their arrival. They will most likely be breathing a big sigh of relief when Jill, Derick, and Israel get back to Arkansas.

What are your thoughts on the dangers that Jill Dillard and her family faces in Central America?

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