‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Season 3 Finale: Pride And Hamilton Face Off — Will This Storyline Finally Be Resolved?

Tonight is the season finale of NCIS: New Orleans, entitled “Poetic Justice.” Most of the third season has been a face-off between Dwayne “King” Cassius Pride (Scott Bakula) and the slippery mayor, Douglas Hamilton (Steven Weber). Last we saw Pride, he was presumed dead in an explosion at his bar. But true to NCIS fashion, Pride is very much alive. Pride is furious, and he has become a man on a mission to destroy Hamilton, and how he goes about it is what we expect to see in the finale.

As Pride cannot trust anyone, he calls in Assistant FBI Director Isler to come in and catch Hamilton in the act. This relationship has gone full circle, from Pride not trusting the FBI at the beginning of the season, to considering them the only trustworthy people he can work with at the end.

The other full circle transition was the relationship between Pride and Mayor Hamilton. When Hamilton first was introduced on NCIS: New Orleans Season 1, he obviously had some history and some bad blood with Pride. He was definitely a shady character, and as Steven Weber explained to TV Insider, he knew his character was eventually going to do something very bad.

“I assumed he was the quintessential New Orleans politician, with his finger in a lot of pies, some of which were nefarious. But it was a logical progression that he be truly bad, because he and Pride are opposite sides of the same coin. They’re also old acquaintances who go back decades. Things are going to get quite heated between them.”

There was such anger between the two of them that has built up over time, but this was after Pride looked the other way at Hamilton’s shady looking dealings.

“It just bugs Pride that Hamilton is so slippery. Pride is determined to get rid of him. However, Pride also knows it’s better to keep him in power in order to retain a semblance of structure in the government. Once you take him away, you let loose a plethora of horror.”

Those viewers who may have become weary with this never-ending storyline, and hope that this finally ends the whole Mayor Hamilton storyline, they will have to look for something else to satisfy them until Season 4 starts in the fall. It appears that this third season will end with a massive cliffhanger with a lot of loose ends. While the ending has been full of loose ends, this season has been about new beginnings.

Season 3 of NCIS: New Orleans was filled with beginnings and endings. After the loss of Meredith Brody (Zoe McLellan) from the NCIS team, she was taken off the show, as Brody was compromised in Season 2 with her involvement with the Homeland Security mole. However, that compromise brought in the FBI to investigate and soon, FBI Agent Tammy Gregorio (Vanessa Ferlito) became a member of the NCIS team and had to face her past. Much of the season has been the professional struggle that Gregorio felt about working with the NCIS team, and her previous work with the FBI. NCIS won.

A lot of fans have been waiting for Christopher LaSalle (Lucas Black) and Sonja Percy (Shalita Grant) to finally become a couple. Early in the season, when it looked like they were going to hook up, he found out that he was a father. However, later he found out that this was a hoax. Now, Percy is in jail because she allowed a suspect to flea, and it was caught on camera. Thanks to Mayor Hamilton, she was put into a dangerous situation in a jail where her life could be in danger. Will this episode get her free from jail? And will LaSalle and Percy finally have that first kiss?

Although there has been a lot action this season, in the midst of the unique New Orleans landscape, there is hope that next season, we can see Pride actually complete an assignment in an episode and the team sitting back to some gumbo listening to Pride play the piano. Or Sheryl Crow can come back on and entertain fans again.

Are you looking forward to the finale of NCIS: New Orleans?

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