Vicki Gunvalson Compared To Phaedra Parks: ‘RHOC’ Star Flips Out After Comparison

Vicki Gunvalson has been keeping a low profile over the past couple of months, as she’s been busy filming the newest season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The previous season ended suddenly with several friendships up in the air, and it sounded like Kelly Dodd was the only housewife in Vicki’s corner. And yet, Vicki decided to come back to the show to film with the other ladies even though they are no longer friends. Maybe Gunvalson will try once again to apologize so they can all move on from the drama. However, that may be tough, as the notion of drama is attached to Vicki.

According to a new tweet, Vicki Gunvalson is now being compared to Phaedra Parks, who was caught lying on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special just one week ago. Phaedra had been telling Porsha Williams that Kandi Burruss had told her that she wanted to drug Porsha for the sake of having sex with her. These rape accusations were lies, according to Kandi, and when Williams admitted that Parks was the one who had told her, Burruss called her out on it. It was a shocking moment that could have resulted in Phaedra being fired from the show. While she was obviously lying about the rape rumors, Vicki Gunvalson has never actually been linked to the cancer lie she was caught up in a few years ago.

“2 times I’ve seen Housewives go down in Flames 1. Vicki Gunvalson w cancer Story 2. ?Phaedra Parks 2nite w Kandi Burruss UGLY!!! ?#RHOA ?#RHOOC,” one person wrote on Twitter, pointing out that there are some similarities between Vicki’s situation and Phaedra’s lie.

“Excuse me?? Do not compare me to that person! I never lied about my x. Might want to talk to ‘him’,” Vicki Gunvalson replied back to the Twitter follower, revealing that she does not want to be compared to Phaedra Parks.

It is interesting that these two ladies are being compared to one another. While Vicki may not have lied about Brooks being sick, she hasn’t always been completely honest. She admitted that she did make up some things to protect Brooks, including that she had been with him to doctors appointments. However, viewers didn’t believe her, and even though she had been on The Real Housewives of Orange County since the very beginning, she decided to return to the show to clear her name.

Both women also pride themselves on being professional. While Parks is a lawyer in Atlanta, Vicki owns her own insurance company. When Vicki got caught up in Brooks Ayers’ lies, her business took a hit. She admits that it was hard work to get back on track. And Phaedra may face the same thing, as her credibility means everything in the legal industry. As for Vicki, she’s looking ahead and may have worked out her issues with her co-stars, as they are rumored to be on a cast trip together.

“There’s no place like home after being gone. It makes me appreciate where I live. Can’t wait to get back to the OC. #thankful #rhoc,” Gunvalson recently tweeted, revealing that she is on her way home from a cast trip, as the girls are rumored to be in Iceland.

While Gunvalson doesn’t want to be compared to Parks, it is tough for some people to look beyond the lies that have surfaced on these shows. Even though Vicki may not have known about Brooks’ lie, she did make up some stories to get the women to back off. And this seems to be why she’s being compared to Parks.

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson being compared to Phaedra Parks? Do you think it is a fair comparison since they were both caught lying?

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