Melania Trump Headscarf Speculations: Will She Adhere To Saudi Arabia’s Strict Dress Code For Women?

Besides being married to the President of the United States, fashion largely defines Melania Trump. The former model is known for her impeccable fashion sense and turning up the volume in her trendsetting gowns, dresses, jumpsuits, and sky-high heels. Melania always looks flawless with perfect hair and makeup to boot. She favors wearing her hair down but sometimes opts for an updo. She’s rarely seen with accessories on her head and this prompts one important question about an upcoming event she’s about to embark upon.

Will Melania Trump wear a headscarf when she joins her husband on his visit to Saudi Arabia? Yahoo Style presents this question in a piece it published last week.

When former First Lady Michelle Obama accompanied her husband to Saudi Arabia in 2015, she didn’t wear a headscarf. According to the Washington Post, female world leaders and honored guests in the nation have also refused to cover their heads. They include British Prime Minister Theresa May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and former First Lady Laura Bush. Even Princess Diana shrugged off the tradition back in the 1990s when she paid a visit to Saudi Arabian king. As CNN reports, Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice also went with their heads uncovered in Saudi Arabia.

When Laura Bush visited the country to raise awareness about breast cancer, she was given a headscarf by a Saudi doctor and tried it on.

Saudi Arabia implements strict dress codes for Saudi women; they must cover their faces and hair and wear long robes. Moreover, women are prohibited from driving and must have male guardians. When Michelle Obama traveled to Saudi Arabia, she wore with a flowing blue top, black pants, and no headscarf.

World leaders are exempt from having to adhere to the strict dress code imposed on Saudi women. Although they aren’t required to abide by the stringent dress standards, many criticize opponents of the custom for being disrespectful or showing disdain for their traditions. Many more, however, view the practice as oppressive and degrading to women.

Melania Trump has decided to stand up for women’s rights and equality in her role as the first lady. If she decides to wear a headscarf while so many women in her position before her haven’t, it would contradict her principles. Mrs. Trump isn’t even seen wearing hats or hair accessories, so to suddenly see her wear a headscarf would be out of the ordinary.

Donald and Melania Trump will be going to Saudi Arabia later this month as part of an “outreach trip.” Spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham announced that Melania will be making “several appearances” during her time there. The president and his wife will also travel to Israel to discuss “the threats posed by Iran and its proxies,” and a meeting with Pope Francis is scheduled in Italy. According to Yahoo, the overseas trip will be Melania Trump’s first one as the first lady. The trip is intended to emphasize the United States’ commitment to world peace; their journey will conclude in Brussels where Trump will attend the NATO G-7 meetings.

Since so many first ladies and female world leaders have disregarded the cultural norm in Saudi Arabia of wearing a headscarf, it’s unlikely that Melania will don one herself. If she so chooses to adhere to the Middle Eastern country’s strict dress code, it would outrage many Americans given the fact the United States leads the way in women’s progress. At the most, Melania Trump may wear floor-length dresses and long sleeves.

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