CM Punk, Matt Hardy Respond To Randy Orton’s Burial Of The Indy Wrestling Scene

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton recently trashed the entire independent wrestling scene, and as you would expect, it didn’t go unnoticed.

Shortly after posting what Orton described as an “apology,” where he continued to completely bury the independent wrestling scene, various indy wrestlers responded. One of those indy stars was Low-Ki, who told Orton that he’s only successful because he’s been protected in WWE. He also challenged him to leave WWE and come test himself on the independent scene.

While just about every big name on the independent scene responded to Orton, there were two huge names — one of which is currently in WWE — who responded to The Viper’s burial.

First up, we have one-half of the current Raw Tag Team Champions Matt Hardy, who summed up Orton’s burial and Twitter as a whole quite well. He said that the social media site is a place where anyone can post anything, even without knowing what they’re talking about. You can check out Matt’s tweet below.

The other huge name — and the one who is probably going to generate the most buzz — is ex-WWE World Heavyweight Champion-turned-pro MMA fighter CM Punk, who provided fans with a little Monday motivation in his response.

Randy Orton’s main criticism of the independent scene is that there’s absolutely no psychology to what they do. In his opinion, they’re all about doing crazy moves and getting the crowd to chant “THIS IS AWESOME!” as opposed to having a logical professional wrestling match.

This isn’t the first time that Randy Orton has taken a shot at the indy scene. Back in December, Orton did an interview with CBS Sports, where he said the following about independent wrestlers who have made their way to WWE over the years.

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“I remember walking into our locker room and there’s a few guys I can’t even name, but you had a crew of guys that were very intimidating and commanded respect. You could also go to them and get advice, and you would get that advice.

“Nowadays, a lot of the younger guys, I find myself, and I see other guys that have been around, having to go to them with suggestions on how to make their ‘product’ better. Whether it’s selling or facial expressions or just slowing down a little bit. But no, they’re not coming to us. It’s almost like some of these guys that have been in the indies 15 years think they know everything. That’s probably the only negative difference that sticks out to me.”

Orton was signed by WWE before he hit the age of 20, so he didn’t spend any amount of time working on the independent scene. He did, however, spend quite a bit of time down in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), which was WWE’s developmental territory at the time. You could make the argument that OVW was an independent wrestling promotion, thus meaning that Orton has, in fact, worked on the indy scene. However, it is a bit different, as he was being paid by WWE at the time. Moreover, he was one of WWE’s hand-picked guys when he was signed, so he had more job security than most other indy wrestlers have when they’re signed.

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Unless something crazy happens, it’s unlikely that Randy Orton will actually leave WWE and “test himself” out on the independent wrestling scene. Of course, you should never say never in wrestling. However, the chances of Orton actually making the rounds on the independent scene are slim to none, as he’ll likely have a high-paying gig with WWE for the rest of his life.

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