John Cena Was Asked If Reigns vs Cena Could Happen, As The Wrestler/Actor Prepares To Return ‘Home’ To WWE

True, John Cena and Roman Reigns have never had a full-blown feud on WWE. But fans have long anticipated a feud breaking out between the two superstars. And now, Cena, in his latest interview with Sports Illustrated, has hinted that WWE fans could soon actually be treated to a John Cena vs Roman Reigns face-off, Sportskeeda reports.

Cena spoke with Sports Illustrated’s Justin Burasso to promote his upcoming film “The Wall.” But unsurprisingly, the theme of the interview was soon diverted to WWE. At one point Cena was asked to share his opinion on Roman Reigns. The 16-time world champion started off by praising Reigns’ current run of successes in the ring. But when asked about the possibility of a John Cena vs Roman Reigns feud in the future, he made sure not to rule anything out:

“I’ve made a career of shutting the mouths of people who’ve made that claim that WWE was their yard. I very, very much look forward to the day we put that to the test.”

Cena compared Reigns’ recent run of success to his own successful run from 2006 to 2008. Cena also praised Reigns’ ability to draw a crowd, saying that it was a clear sign that he was indeed a superstar in the making.

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John Cena has been absent from WWE ever since proposing to his longtime girlfriend, Nikki Bella, inside the WWE ring. He has since decided to take time off from Wrestling to focus on a few outside projects. Cena is anticipated to return to WWE just in time for the Money In The Bank event.

So, could Cena vs Reigns actually happen? The fact remains that Roman Reigns has been without an opponent ever since Braun Strowman was written off following an injury. The return of John Cena, or “The Face that Runs the Place” as he likes to be referred to, to Smackdown could open the path for a new mega-feud plot-line for WWE. And there is no question, John Cena vs Roman Reigns is a feud that would draw quite the attention.

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According to the latest rumors, WWE is said to be making arrangements to book the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona, for 3rd and 4th of July. Cena will be advertised to appear on Smackdown Live on the 4th of July, his first WWE appearance since Wrestlemania 33. And the schedule makes sense too. Cena’s latest movie “The Fact” will finish shooting on June 9, giving him enough time to transition back to WWE. Among other rumors, a feud with Shinsuke Nakamura has also been predicted.

Whether or not the face-off with Reigns actually happens, Cena’s return to WWE in the summer will initiate a lot of storylines for him. The 16-time champion is favorite to win the WWE championship later this year, although the current champion, Randy Orton, it has been rumored, will first be losing the title to Jinder Mahal in the Backlash event on May 21.

Cena has been shying away from being a full-time wrestler lately. The 40-year old has been taking more roles in Hollywood, a pattern that reminds many of another major WWE-star turned Hollywood-superstar, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. But Cena says he can never leave the ring like the Rock did, saying that WWE is his home. Speaking in an interview with Fox News, Cena explained why he will be with WWE for life.

“As far as the performance level it’s definitely a business for the young and I am on the older side of young but I don’t think I’ll ever not be involved with the WWE. They will have to tell me that they no longer need my services because it is my home.”

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