50 Cent Burglary: Details Of 911 Call Released

A 911 call reveals new details about the plotted burglary in 50 Cent’s Connecticut mansion. David Holloway, the property’s manager who fled the mansion after Elwin Joyce set off an alarm, fearing the burglar might be armed and dangerous.

The 911 call leaked into the Internet reveals Holloway, who was in charge of watching over 50 Cent’s luxury mansion, told the operator that he had fled the home for his own safety as he feared Joyce might be carrying weapons in his black bag, according to TMZ.

However, police found no black bag on Joyce at the time of the arrest.

Joyce is now facing four criminal charges: second degree burglary, trespassing, criminal mischief, and attempted larceny.

During the 911 call, 50 Cent’s house manager revealed the burglar was going door-to-door looking for a way to break into the massive 50,000 square foot mansion that was formerly owned by Mike Tyson.

Holloway confessed during the 911 call that he no longer had eyes on the burglar, because he had fled the house for his own safety. While it’s unclear what was actually in Joyce’s black bag, or if he had it on him at all, or if he left it somewhere around 50 Cent’s property prior to the arrest – police did find a printout of directions to the “In Da Club” singer’s home, suggesting that the burglary was anything but random.

But having the printout of directions from a nearby hotel to 50 Cent’s house, which has been unsuccessfully put on the market several times in the past, did not help Joyce carry out a successful burglary.

The arrested Joyce sure did his research prior to the burglary, but the top-notch security system and Holloway’s 911 call prevented the burglar from breaking into the luxury house. The alarm was reportedly set off at the generator room, which Joyce firmly tried to break into. The alarm alerted Holloway, who peered out and saw the burglar moving across 50 Cent’s massive mansion grounds.

But after allegedly seeing the mysterious black bag on the burglar – as revealed in the 911 call – Holloway fled the mansion, ran to his car, and drove to the main road to call 911.

Joyce is being held on $125,000 bail, but it’s unlikely someone is going to bail out the burglar, as stealing from 50 Cent, whose net worth is estimated at $150 million, was his prepped and plotted plan.

While police are yet to release details about the damage done to 50 Cent’s massive property, which takes up about 15 football fields, the burglar was surely out of breath by the time he encircled the rapper’s massive mini-hotel, which itself takes up almost the area of a football field with its multiple stories.

But 50 Cent did not seem to care about the attempted burglary in his massive house, which is reportedly costing $72,000 a month in upkeep. In fact, the rapper even took to social media to share his amusement over the burglary and say that he didn’t know he still owned that house.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, 50 Cent wrote, “I thought I sold that MF LOL.” The house, which reportedly boasts a whopping 52 bedrooms, had been put up for sale last year following 50 Cent filing for bankruptcy, according to Metro.

50 Cent, who is no longer bankrupt after repaying his debts with $8.7 million of his own money and a $13.65 million malpractice settlement with his former lawyers, seems to be inviting trouble into his home recently: literally.

50 Cent has enough drama trouble on his hands right now, as even the burglary and that 911 call can’t seem to overshadow the rapper recently punching a female fan who pulled him off stage during a Baltimore performance.

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