Selena Gomez: Why Starting A Family With The Weeknd Is A Bad Idea Amid Album Release Plans

Selena Gomez has made endless headlines in recent weeks with the rumor being that she’s pregnant with The Weeknd’s baby.

According to Hollywood Life, what started as a rumor has taken over social media, with even Selena Gomez’s fans wondering whether their idol was expecting her first child with the R&B singer, especially since she has gushed about how in love she is with her beau, as noted by J-14.

Making such a comment about being in love with someone shouldn’t necessarily signal signs that one is pregnant, but for Selena Gomez’s fans, it apparently did.

Nonetheless, Selena Gomez isn’t making much of claims that she’s pregnant because she’s not even thought about making such a drastic move in her life yet.

Sources reveal that Selena Gomez is definitely not pregnant. In fact, when she was informed about the stories concerning a supposed baby bump, she couldn’t stop laughing because having a baby at this given point in her life is certainly not something the singer has planned for herself.

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The “Come & Get It” hitmaker has been actively working on her forthcoming album, which sources will see a release date later this year, and that’s the only thing she’s been thinking about — a pregnancy would evidently put her music career on hold again.

“Selena is totally laughing about all the pregnancy and baby rumors. She and Abe have no desire, or intention, of starting a family,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “They are both way too young. Sel wouldn’t want to start a family without being a lot more settled, not to mentioned married.”

“She and Abe are deliriously happy together, their relationship is so healthy and fulfilling. Selena and Abel are very much together and in love, make no mistake about it. They love each other, and it’s the real deal. There is total trust between them and mutual respect; it’s the first really ‘grown up’ relationship that Selena has had, and for the first time ever she feels calm and stable. She trusts him fully, and he trusts her. They’re in a really good place.”

As the insider already notes, Selena Gomez is happier than ever being with The Weeknd, but to even think about having a baby at this given point is out of the question. She loves her beau because she shares a special bond with him, and for all she knows, they will definitely have kids down the line — just not anytime soon.

The Weeknd has been busy on his world tour while Selena Gomez is finishing up her new album, with plans to head out on her own tour by 2018.

Selena also recently found out that 13 Reasons Why, a Netflix show she executive produces, has been picked up for a second series, meaning that it’s added even more workload to her hectic schedule — but Gomez couldn’t be happier with the news and is excited to start working with Netflix again.

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Regarding her forthcoming album, there’s been a lot of speculation around a number of collaborations Selena Gomez will have on the record, with the most obvious being a song featuring The Weeknd.

Of course, right now it’s nothing more than speculation that’s been circulating on the internet, but it’s likely that the duo will get together and record a duet for Selena Gomez’s album. The former Disney Channel has never ruled out the idea of collaborating with other artists, which would seem as a hint to a possible collaboration with The Weeknd.

Selena Gomez has yet to confirm an official release date for her next album, but as far as pregnancy reports are concerned, the singer is definitely not pregnant.

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