Drake Escorts His Cousin Jalaah Moore And Her Date To Prom At Memphis High School

Drake took time out of his busy schedule to show up at cousin Jalaah Moore’s senior prom at Fairley High School in Memphis, Tennessee, on Saturday night. The superstar flew into Memphis over the weekend to crash the dance at the school and chaperone his cousin’s prom on Saturday night.

Drake and Jalaah later took to Instagram to commemorate the special occasion. They shared stunning photos of the night with heartwarming messages.

Jalaah’s photos uploaded to Instagram showed her posing with Drake and her date. Jalaah’s handsome date was dressed in a rose gold sequin jacket that matched Jalaah’s stunning gold gown with a thigh-high slit.

The young couple looked amazing in their custom outfits, while Drake, who escorted them to the prom, was dressed in a dark casual suit and a gold chain worn around his neck. Drake snapped a couple of photos with the couple and then took the time to hang with other students and snap more photos.

Social media comments indicated that Jalaah is Drake’s cousin on his father’s side. TMZ reported that sources close to the family said that Drake’s dad is Jalaah’s grandmother’s brother.

The “Hotline Bling” rapper went all out to score social points for his cousin and to make it a special, unforgettable night for her. He reportedly paid for Jalaah’s custom rose gold sequin outfit and her date’s matching suit, among a host of other perks, including a white Rolls Royce in which the young couple made a grand entrance at their prom at Fairley High School.

He also threw his cousin and her date an after-party for 400 at the Hard Rock Cafe, TMZ reported.

“Best Day Everrr,” Jalaah purred in the caption for one of the several photos she uploaded to Instagram.

Drake also uploaded a photo of his cousin and her date to Instagram.

“Prom 2017,” he captioned the photo showing his beautiful cousin and her date. “#FairleyHighSchool #901 #YoungLove.”

Drake has often mentioned his relatives on the father’s side in Memphis in his music. He makes references to them on several tracks, including “Jumpman” and “Paris Morton Music.”

This is not the first time that cousin Jalaah, in particular, has been the subject of Drake’s affectionate attention on social media. Back in October, he gave a shout out to her for winning the title of Homecoming Queen.

Jalaah is apparently a star in her own right with more than 14,000 followers on Instagram.

Drake’s generosity has not been reserved exclusively for family lately. He recently allowed one of his friends to invite Instagram model Ava Van Rose on tour with them, according to Hollywood Life.

Ava said she was very surprised when one of Drake’s bodyguards contacted her and invited her on tour with them.

“He [Drake’s bodyguard] texted me, saying I was one of the prettiest girls he’d ever seen and that he worked for Drake,” Rose said, according to The Sun. “I thought it was a catfish straight away, but no he was genuine. We had a great night and then they asked me to join them on tour, so I said yeah.”

A source insisted that Drake did not try to take advantage of the model.

“That’s not his bag. He enjoyed hanging out with her, though, and thought she was a cool chick,” the source said, according to Hollywood Life.

Drake made a surprise appearance at his goddaughter’s college volleyball game last year and met the team. The Canadian superstar also crashed the birthday party of a young friend where he crossed paths with his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna.

Drake’s latest social outing comes soon after rumors of his relationship with Jennifer Lopez fizzled out. The rapper recently suffered a break-in at his Los Angeles home. An apparently thirsty fan broke into his home for a few sodas.

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