‘Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans’ Feud With Fiancé’s Sister Heats Up

Jenelle Evans and her fiance’s, David Eason’s, sister have been having a major social media war, and it seems it’s only heated up over the weekend. It seems to have started when Jessica Miller, David’s sister, met up with David’s ex-girlfriend, Olivia. Olivia and David share a son named Kaden, whom David hasn’t been allowed to see for quite a while. Jessica says that she and Olivia are still friends and that she wanted to see her nephew, but Jenelle insisted a good sister wouldn’t meet up with someone who was keeping their brother from their son.

From there, the fight heated up, with both parties taking swings via social media. Jessica Miller joined a Facebook fan group about Teen Mom to trash her sister-in-law to be, Jenelle Evans. She accused Jenelle of smoking pot while she was pregnant and slammed Jenelle for being “crazy” and “jealous AF.”

Jenelle Evans posted a now-deleted rant on Facebook about Jessica being fired from her former job and the alleged reasons why. She also went to Radar Online to make a statement about the claims that she had smoked weed while pregnant and stated that her future sister-in-law would have no idea if she had or not since they haven’t spoken in several months. David stated that he didn’t wish to have anything to do with his sister and that she was looking for money or an opportunity to be on television.


Both girls have now shared each other’s phone numbers via social media, Jenelle Evans doing so by sharing a voice message Jessica sent her via her Snapchat.

The message was transcribed by a fan and wasn’t exactly the most pleasant. The message was supposedly left for David, but Jenelle took it upon herself to broadcast it.

“All that s**t that Jenelle told you that I said is what that b***h said. And when I f**king see her me and her are gonna have some f**king words so you better tell that g*****n little piece of s**t s***k to get ready. And guess what it don’t make you f**king famous to be a s****y a** little w***e on camera. It don’t make you f**king famous b***h. You ain’t famous. People laugh at your a** behind your f**king back. You ain’t nothin but a f**king w***e!” Jessica rambled.

Jenelle Evans also upped the ante by accusing her future sister-in-law of getting into fist fights and other trouble to cause her child’s health issues.

“Yeah exactly I have kids and she has 5 kids like damn just stop already. She fist fought a kid while 7 months pregnant and now her son has cerebral palsy. She needs to stop being such an angry person and stay sober. Drugs make everyone so angry it’s crazy,” Jenelle wrote on Facebook.

After Jenelle Evans blasted Jessica’s phone number via Snapchat, Jessica claimed that she had gotten a lot of calls, so she decided to retaliate by posting Jenelle’s phone number in return.

“She gave out my mofo number! I’ve had 369 calls and 45 texts. Here’s hers (910) ***-****,” she wrote.


This is one of the longest stretches of time Jenelle Evans has gone without a big blowout with her mother or someone else, so it was clearly about time that something exploded and an epic fight went down.

Although the pair have stopped speaking, for now, Jenelle Evans isn’t one to back down from a fight. The mother of three is well known for publicly feuding with her exes, other cast members on Teen Mom, friends, ex-friends and anyone else who crosses her path. New developments will most certainly be coming from this ridiculous story.

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