Val Kilmer Will Return To ‘Tombstone’ This Summer As Doc Holliday

This summer actor Val Kilmer will be returning to Arizona as Doc Holliday, the famous role he played alongside Kurt Russell in the 1993 movie Tombstone. Kilmer’s trip is planned as part of the old west town’s festival that pays tribute the infamous gunfighter. Playing Holliday was easily one of Kilmer’s best and most recognizable roles. To this day the actor is still approached in public with one-liners used by Doc in the movie.

Doc Holliday was a scholar who earned his degree and then started a reputable dentistry practice in Atlanta, Georgia before being diagnosed with tuberculosis, the same disease that killed his mother. Once diagnosed with the disease Holliday moved out west hoping the dryer air would help his situation. Holliday became a gambler, which was considered a respected position in those days. Part of the profession was dealing with angry individuals at the card table, which led to Holliday being one of the most deadly gunslingers the old west ever saw.

Holliday was good friends with Wyatt Earp and his brothers, and for a short time, was deputized and participated in what would come to be known as the gunfight at the OK Corral. The events that lead up to that day are the backbone of the movie Tombstone, and tell the entire story of a town spawned by the gold-rush that had no law to govern its issues. The Earp brothers were made into the long hand of the law for that area and Doc Holliday was very much a part of that.

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A town celebrates “Doc Holli-days”

According to the Associated Press, Kilmer’s appearance is part of the Tombstone Lions Club and Tombstone Mustachery’s first ever “Doc Holli-Days” event that will take place on August 12-13. Holli-days event officials are considering several great ideas such as a look-a-like contest, poker tournament, town parade, and a peach pie eating contest which is intended to honor Holliday’s Georgia roots. There have also been talks about an early birthday celebration for Doc, who was born on August 14.

Val Kilmer has always been the guy that goes out and gets what he wants. That’s why his new project, Cinema Twain, is sure to be one that is successful. Kilmer, who has recently faced questions about his health, has been touring the entire country promoting the one-man play he has hopes of turning into a full-feature film that will be part of the big screen. In order to achieve those hopes, he’s gone into full-fledged fundraiser mode trying to get together the money to make the project a reality everyone can enjoy outside the theater realm. Stage-play audiences across America are raving about the play, and say that Kilmer is magnificent in his single-man improve role as Mark Twain.

It was at one of Kilmer’s performances of Cinema Twain that he was able to meet Tombstone Mustachery co-owner, Sherry Rudd. It was then that Kilmer told Rudd he intended to make a trip to the area all ready to unveil some Doc Holliday inspired artwork. Rudd says a few months later Kilmer “let the cat out of the bag on Facebook,” and that “it’s been a little crazy for us.” Since that time Rudd says the town has been going wild in anticipation for the scheduled event.

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Actor Jeremy Renner was recently announced as the actor tapped to play Doc Holliday in the new biopic based on the gunslinger’s life. The movie is supposed to be an adaption of the two books that were written by Mary Doria Russell, Doc, and last year’s Epitaph: A Novel Of The O.K. Corral. That film is due out in theaters sometime in 2019.

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