Trump Twitter Trolls: Are These Users Obsessed With The President?

Everyone knows that President Trump loves Twitter, but does everyone know that there are people out there, prominent figures even, who seemingly go out of their way to hang on The Donald’s every tweeted word? It’s not Trump supporters who are doing this, but rather those who consider themselves enemies of America’s Commander-in-Chief. They often go on rants in response to a Trump tweet, and sometimes you will see them ranting on multiple tweets posted by the president. Besides loathing Trump, they each have one other thing in common: they’re “verified” Twitter users, meaning they have that little blue and white check mark next to their name, confirming that they are who they say they are.

On Saturday, The Blaze published a story about Democratic congressman Gerald Connolly of Virginia, who reportedly was so angry about the firing of former FBI director James Comey that he launched into a three-day long Twitter tirade against President Trump, lamenting mostly about Russia, Comey, and the supposed investigation the FBI is conducting into connections between Trump and Russia.

Connolly called the president “unhinged,” and said Donald was guilty of “obstructing an investigation.” He also lambasted the media for not giving enough attention to the Russian collusion allegations against Trump, telling them to “stop chasing shiny objects.”

Gerald Connolly was ranting about Donald Trump, but many anti-Trump Twitter users vent their frustration in multiple replies to the president’s tweets.

William LeGate has been busy replying to several Trump tweets for a while. When Donald tweeted about China on Friday, LeGate, a 22-year-old who, according to the link he provides on his Twitter profile, is a computer programmer, “entrepreneur,” and “political analyst,” had quite a lot to say in response.

Mr. LeGate makes a habit of responding dozens of times to the president’s Twitter posts. A tweet Trump sent out regarding his first commencement speech at Liberty University was also of interest to William.

At this point, a fellow tweeter intervened on LeGate’s rant.

LeGate couldn’t even let President Trump’s “Happy Mother’s Day” tweet go without making known his two cents.

A couple other people decided to cut in, annoyed that LeGate couldn’t even let a benign well wish to the world’s mothers go without trolling the president.

William also trolls Donald Trump’s @POTUS Twitter account.

After the above reply, LeGate continued to go on a seven-tweet rant replying and retweeting his own tweets. It’s not clear if he’s under the impression that Trump is receiving his responses and taking them seriously.

Mike Denison, an artist who calls himself the “Bea Arthur Artist,” regularly inserts himself into Trump tweet reply threads. He recently drew a sketch of Trump and allies dressed in Teletubby suits and shared it in response to one of the president’s tweets.

In response to the drawing, one user, who might have seen Denison’s anti-Trump tweets before, asked him a simple question that he has not yet answered.

Trump tweeted about the reaction of the Democrats to Comey’s firing, calling them hypocrites because they wanted the former FBI director to be gone before Donald went ahead and fired him, and as soon as they got their wish, they changed their minds and were upset about the firing. Denison attempts to provide an explanation for that, while not passing up the chance to further insult Trump.

There are many, many more Twitter users aside from just these few who troll The Donald on a regular basis, using both of the president’s accounts to do so, though William LeGate appears to be the most active. Virtually all of them get trolled themselves by Trump-supporting naysayers, yet they hold firm in their beliefs about America’s leader. Are they obsessed, or just really angry?

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