‘This Is Us’ Star Mandy Moore On Life After Success, As The Hit NBC Series Gets A New Night

This Is Us made an indelible mark with television audiences and critics almost as soon as it premiered and, from there, the NBC drama experienced a snowballing effect, drawing in more and more fans. Now, as a second season looms ahead, NBC grants This Is Us a loftier position, moving the series to a new night and timeslot upon which the network hopes it can continue to grow and draw in a greater share of the market. NBC isn’t alone in basking in the success of This Is Us, however. Series star Mandy Moore is also opening up about how popularity of the drama has changed her life and career.

NBC Gives This Is Us a New Night

NBC is reviving their classic “Must See TV” from decades past and Variety reports that the network is planning to us This Is Us as one of the staple shows for that recycled platform. As such, NBC has moved This Is Us from its Tuesday night home, a less than desirable time slot, to a prime slot on its Thursday night line-up.

NBC entertainment chair Bob Greenblatt stated that This Is Us might have been left on Tuesdays and continued to do well, but it was thought the show would get greater exposure in the new Thursday night slot.

The network plans to capitalize on the show’s popularity in another way. There are plans to air a special episode of This Is Us on February 4, 2018, set to air immediately following the Super Bowl.

‘This Is Us’ is set to return, capping of NBC’s new Must See TV line-up. [Image by NBC]

This Is Us will face a few breaks throughout its second season, as NFL games and the Olympic games take priority over regular programming. However, both Greenblatt and This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman feel the series can maintain its fanbase through the downtimes.

“We’ve got some ideas to keep the show alive, even when the show isn’t on the air,” said Greenblatt. “The priority is how can we keep This Is Us alive as much as humanly possible as long as possible. And that’s what we’re going to try to do even with the interruptions that we’re going to have.”

There will also be a special holiday episode planned for Christmas.

Mandy Moore is “Super Grateful” for This Is Us

As This Is Us showrunner Dan Fogelman prepares to create more compelling stories for a second season, Today reports that Mandy Moore is sharing her experience as a This Is Us lead. Moore plays Rebecca Pearson on the series and, as one of the central characters, she has enjoyed the effects of the drama’s success from the very beginning.

Moore recently shared a photo of herself, sharing the red carpet with her This Is Us co-stars, Milo Ventimiglia and Sterling K. Brown. Captioning the image, Mandy revealed that the series had just been picked up as a series by NBC, shortly before the picture was taken.

“This was from nearly one year ago, when @nbcthisisus was picked up to series and I walked the red carpet with these guys for the first time (where we collectively scratched our heads trying to explain the concept of our show without revealing anything),” wrote Moore.

It was difficult for This Is Us to gather a following while keeping its plot secret, as Moore suggests, but the NBC series quickly attracted viewers through word of mouth. Now, Mandy reflects on what that success means for her.

“I can’t even begin to comprehend how much life has changed over the course of these past 12 months but I sure am super grateful,” Ms. Moore added to her Instagram caption. “Can’t wait to celebrate 2 more seasons with the entire cast next week.”

Mandy Moore added the words “best job ever” as a hashtag to her posting, sharing her love for This Is Us and her co-stars.

[Featured Image by NBC]

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