NBC Reportedly Begging Blake Shelton To Propose To Gwen Stefani To Save ‘The Voice’ Ratings

The Voice hasn’t been attracting a lot of viewers this season and producers are scrambling to turn things around. To help save NBC’s sinking ship, producers are reportedly begging Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani to air their engagement on the show. Will Shelton pop the big question this season?

An insider told Radar Online that Shelton is starting to feel the pressure to propose to Stefani on The Voice. Shelton’s romance started on the set of The Voice in late 2015. It seems only fitting that the pair would take things to the next level in front of their devoted fans. The only question is whether or not the timing is right.

“Pressure is really mounting right now for Gwen and Blake to get engaged,” the source revealed. “Especially since the season is nearing the end.”

Season 12 marked Stefani’s highly-anticipated return to The Voice, and it started off with great ratings. Over 13 million fans tuned in to the season premiere, but only 9.14 million watched the most recent episode. That’s about a 4 million decline from the beginning, or around a 33 percent drop off.


The insider added that Shelton is all for proposing on the show. Stefani, however, isn’t so sure that getting engaged in front of the cameras is the right thing to do. The No Doubt alum isn’t happy with all the pressure they’ve faced this season, especially when it comes to packing on the PDA.

“Gwen is just not jiving well and it seems like she is just over it at this point,” the source added. “The ratings speak for themselves and others on staff are blaming Gwen and Blake for their lack of cooperation when it comes to giving the fans what they want.”

While Stefani isn’t happy about all the stress, her relationship with Shelton remains strong. According to ET Online, Blake Shelton is a huge influence on Stefani and even helped change her taste in music. The pop star has country singer Brennley Brown on her team this season and admitted that Shelton opened her eyes to a whole new genre.

“I’ve been opened up to this whole new world of music that I didn’t even know about, and it’s been super fun this time because I have a country artist,” Stefani stated. “Between this whole couple of years getting to know country music, but then looking for songs for this little girl who’s, like, 15… I have so much new music in me, and I love that. That’s my favorite part about being here.”


Stefani even admitted that if Shelton wasn’t in her life, she probably would have never listened to country music. The country crooner performed a song on Monday night’s episode, and Stefani assured fans that she sang along the entire time.

As far as Shelton is concerned, Us Magazine reports that he still wonders why Stefani started dating him in the first place. When asked about their unlikely pairing, Shelton said he doesn’t “blame fans” for thinking they are an odd couple. He later added that they do not pay attention to the rumor mill anymore. He also hopes their romance dies down in the media before too long.

Based on the recent rumors of a coming engagement, that probably won’t happen anytime soon. Shelton and Stefani have not commented on their engagement plans or the possibility of a live proposal.

Stefani started dating Shelton months after her emotional divorce with Gavin Rossdale. At the time, Shelton was also coming off a split with Miranda Lambert.

New episodes of The Voice air Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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