‘Little People, Big World’ Tori In Labor? Zach And Tori Roloff Prepare To Meet Their Baby Boy [Updated]

Little People, Big World fans can’t wait to see the first pictures of Zach and Tori Roloff’s newborn son. Throughout Tori’s pregnancy, the couple has shared photos of Tori’s growing baby bump and the baby’s nursery, as well as news about the name they have picked out for their baby boy.

UPDATE: Tori and Zach welcomed their baby boy, Jackson Kyle Roloff, into the world on May 12. They made the formal announcement about his birth on Sunday, May 14. See the couple’s adorable first photo below.

Now LPBW fans are on standby as rumors swirl that Tori may be in labor or has already delivered the couple’s first child. The couple is normally quite active on social media. They haven’t posted an update on Instagram in days, prompting many fans to speculate that Baby Roloff is about to make his debut.

Zach’s most recent Instagram photo was posted four days ago. The cute pic of a very pregnant Tori shows that her baby bump had dropped significantly, a sign that baby has dropped into the pelvis in preparation for his arrival.

According to Tori’s Instagram, she had her first contraction at 36 weeks, and she is now entering her 39th week of pregnancy. What To Expect states that it’s not unusual to have contractions in the last trimester, but they become more prevalent in the final weeks of pregnancy.

Now it’s just a wait-and-see situation as far as the arrival of Zach and Tori’s baby. While fans wait for the couple’s official announcement, here’s the latest on the baby’s name and information about the possibility that their son could have dwarfism.

Zach and Tori pick a baby name

In a clip (below) from Little People, Big World, Zach and Tori did a little baby name brainstorming, and it didn’t go so well. They both have different ideas about what their son should be named.

Possible names for Baby Roloff include Zach’s ideas — Mikey, Jack, Timothy, and the Bible-inspired name, Boaz. Tori only came up with two baby names — Noah and Malachi.

“I really like Noah. I like names that not everyone has. You know, like when your child goes to school, he’s one of the only kids that has that name.”

They didn’t agree on any of the names. However, the episode was taped awhile back, so there’s a good chance they have finally come up with a name they both like.

Zach Roloff addresses dwarfism concerns

People reports that Zach is worried that his son might be bullied if he is born a “little person.” During the Season 12 premiere of Little People, Big World, Zach talks to his mom, Amy, about the doctor’s findings during a recent ultrasound.

Although it wasn’t confirmed at the time of filming whether or not Baby Roloff suffers from dwarfism, the baby’s doctor did express concerns about it because the baby’s limbs were measuring “below average.”

“What am I going to say? ‘Oh yeah, I want a dwarf baby? I can’t wait for that kid to be bullied.'”

Zach’s mom tries to comfort her son, who is obviously worried that the baby will be born a dwarf, something he has dealt with all of his life. She tells him that “everything’s going to be fine with the baby,” to which he responds, “I hope so.”

Baby Roloff’s nursery is ready and waiting

On a happier note, a gorgeous nursery awaits Zach and Tori’s son when he finally arrives. Tori shared a photo of the baby’s room on Instagram (below). The room features white-washed furniture, a painted mural of mountains on the wall, matching mountain pillows, and cute helicopters hanging above the crib.

What’s not to love about Baby Roloff’s outdoorsy-themed nursery?

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[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]

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