Apple ‘Assembled In USA’ Stickers Found Inside New iMac

Is Apple manufacturing iMacs in the USA? A recent tear-down of a new iMac model suggests that the company has moved at least part of its production from Asia to the United States.

The team at iFixit recently tore apart the new device, and inside they found markings that read:

“Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in USA.”

Apple has not yet stated whether or not the company was experimenting with an American manufacturer or if it simply labeled its product incorrectly.

Apple does refurbish devices and create custom-orders in the United States, but it does not assemble standard products inside a US factory.

As9to5Mac points out, the fact that the “assembled in USA” notice was etched into the product’s aluminum suggests that it was created in the United States.

Apple is not exactly a stranger to US production standards. Years ago, it use to assembly its computers in California. However, more recently, Apple moved its manufacturing plants to Asia where they have remained largely under the control of Foxconn ever since.

According to CNET, Apple could be following in the footsteps of Lenovo, who in October described its new North Carolina production plant as follows:

“Long conveyor belts, if you will, and kits moving from worker to worker with specific assembly tasks, starting with a basic chassis of the computer and plugging in the various components to the end of the line. Then there will be a testing station and then a boxing station. It’s not unlike the assembly work that’s done in China, though some of the facilities in China may do a little bit more work on subsystem assembly. It’s the same model we use at our facility in Monterrey, Mexico, which supports North America, and the same model we use in Europe.”

With various outlets reporting the “assembled in USA” marking, we’re sure Apple will issue a response shortly.

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