‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 90 Review: Goku VS Gohan Thoroughly Impresses As Gowasu Faces Recruitment Problems

Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 dropped a lot of surprises for viewers of the popular series, and it all but redeemed the anime for all its past flaws. The skirmish between Goku and Gohan was impressive and satisfying, echoing the most memorable fights of Dragon Ball Z. Also, Gowasu of Universe 10 was shown having trouble with his universe’s representative team, as his past mistakes have continued to haunt him. By the end of DBS Ep 90, Universe 7 had a team leader, and fans could not be any happier.

Warning! Spoilers Below!

DBS Episode 90, “See the Wall That Must Be Passed! Goku VS Gohan,” revolved largely around a practice match between the two powerful Saiyans, and it ultimately delivered. From the onset of the episode, it was evident that Gohan was serious about testing the limits of his power, and in a lot of ways, he really did. The result of that is Goku having to go Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken before he was finally able to knock out his son. Needless to say, the anime’s fandom was thoroughly impressed, as evident in reaction of fans in numerous online forums such as Reddit.

The practice match between Goku and Gohan started off as a tag team battle, with the veteran Saiyan teaming up with Tenshinhan and the younger fighter teaming up with Piccolo. From the onset of the fight, it can be seen that Gohan was sufficiently serious in the battle, practically giving Tien a heart attack with his power and aggressiveness. Numerous fans noted that Gohan finally appeared to fight without holding back, and the result was a fighter who is no less than a monster.

One thing that really stuck with fans was just how much effect Gohan’s renewed fighting spirit had on Tien. After taking a couple of hits, Tien almost seemed like he feared Gohan. Overall, the team practice battle between Goku and Tien versus Gohan and Piccolo proved once and for all that among the Z-fighters in the entire franchise, there is probably no one who is more dangerous than a motivated Gohan. Dragon Ball Super Episode 90, however, was not done impressing avid fans of the franchise.

With the team battle over, Gohan challenged Goku to a one-on-one fight. Goku transformed to Super Saiyan 2, but his son was able to neutralize him completely. The redeemed fighter was so driven to surpass his father that he demanded that Goku fight at his full power. True to form, Goku definitely did, powering up to Super Saiyan Blue and using Kaio-Ken, according to noted DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship. With his father’s most powerful transformation against him, Gohan finally fell, but not before he gained his father’s admiration and respect. So impressed was Goku that he declared Gohan to be the U7 team leader in the Tournament of Power.

Overall, Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 showed fans just how intense the Tournament of Power would be. The Universe Survival Arc is the anime’s most ambitious saga to date, and if the practice matches are an indication, it seems that the battles would be nothing less than insane. Teamwork plays into the matches in the tournament, and the recently aired episode has shown exactly how the stipulation could make matches more exciting.

Apart from the excellent match between Goku and Gohan, DBS Ep 90 also showed the struggle of Universe 10 Kaioshin Gowasu. After the Zamasu incident in the Future Trunks Arc, Gowasu was having trouble selecting representative fighters for his universe’s team. His God of Destruction and Angel eventually showed up, however, and presented what they believe are the strongest fighters in their universe. Unfortunately for the elder Kaioshin, it appears that the U10 fighters would most likely be fodder for U7 or U11.

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