Tucker Carlson Killed By Fake News: 16K Facebook Shares For Death Hoax That Claims Tucker Died In Car Accident

With a fake news headline such as “BREAKING: Crash That Killed Tucker Carlson Was No Accident,” it is no wonder that a fake news report has been shared more than about 16,000 times on Facebook about the Fox News commentator that is Carlson. A simple search for the headline about Tucker on Facebook results in many shady websites sharing the fake news about Tucker Carlson and claiming that Tucker “succumbed to his injuries and died overnight after being hit head-on while driving home.”

The website usleader.net has gotten nearly 1,000 shares for the fake news report on Facebook, which adds an eerily conspiratorial sense to the news that claimed Carlson was hit head-on by a Ford Explorer that crossed the median and slammed into Tucker. The website anews-24.com has gotten nearly 800 Facebook shares for the same fake news. The website dailyusaupdate.com has gotten nearly 3,000 Facebook shares in 12 hours for the same fake report.

The site called USA Entertainment published the same fake report about a stolen Ford Explorer that killed Tucker and fled the scene, with usaentertainment24.tk getting more than 1,000 Facebook shares in nine hours. However, one headline stands out among the fakery, with Lead Stories debunking the report with their article titled “Fake News: There Was NO Crash That Killed Tucker Carlson.”

More folks are still sharing the fake news on Facebook about Tucker right now, via websites like thepremiumnews.com, with more than 400 Facebook shares for the report. While proudleader.com has gotten nearly 600 Facebook shares for the report, and conservativeflashnews.com has gotten nearly 800 Facebook shares for the fake news, other sites have gotten even more. The conservativefighter.com website has gotten more than 1,000 Facebook shares, and thelastlineofdefense.org has gotten nearly 9,000 Facebook shares for the fake news about Tucker.

Carlson is host of Tucker Carlson Tonight, which airs weeknights on Fox News at 8 p.m. ET. The fake news claimed Tucker was killed because he had the “Comey tapes” that President Donald Trump tweeted about recently.

“Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson succumbed to his injuries and died overnight after being hit head-on while driving home. The Ford Explorer that crossed the median to slam into him was stolen, reinforced to sustain a head-on collision without killing the driver and left at the scene. After a preliminary investigation, police have ruled out an accident and Carlson’s cause of death has been ruled a homicide.

“Carlson’s secretary, Beth Anne Wiles, told Breitbart that her boss was working on two huge stories, either of which could have put him in danger. Before leaving work he was in a shouting match with a spokesman for the Clinton Foundation over the location of two cargo ships that a source of his believes they found and he had several taped conversations with James Comey from an interview nearly a month ago that have suddenly become very ‘interesting.'”

The fake news report about Carlson went on to claim that the Clinton Foundation and former FBI Director James Comey are tied strongly to Bill and Hillary Clinton, and claims the Clintons do things to make their problems go away.

Calling the Clintons “heathens,” the fake news report goes on to claim that no evidence linking Bill and Hillary to Tucker’s fake death will ever be found.

“In the meantime, thoughts and prayers are pouring into Fox News on their Twitter and Facebook feeds. God Bless you, Tucker; we’ll miss you.”

A reverse-image search for the accident photo used in the fake news report shows a photo from a head-on collision on Fry Road, according to KHOU. Such is the methodology used for many fake news reports that utilize photos from other real-life stories to create fake news reports to try and make them seem legitimate.

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