‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Will Get A First Glimpse Of Season 8 Trailers In July

The Walking Dead has a very loyal group of fans. Not just the kind of fans that like to tune in to catch up every week, but the real deal fans that know all the trivia and everyone’s back story. The show is one of the most popular series on American television.

Season 7 of The Walking Dead started off rough with the controversial killing of two loved characters. After the production team scaled back the brutality, the second half of the season the show was right back on track.

Here is what we know fans of The Walking Dead can expect in Season 8. It will be an all-out war between Negan and Rick. The two groups have joined with other communities to build bigger and stronger armies as they come for each other. Alexandria, Hilltop, and The Kingdom against The Saviors and the Scavengers.

There have been no trailers released yet. Of course, The Walking Dead fans are waiting anxiously for a first glimpse of the upcoming season. According to Comicbook, the trailer will be released at Comic-Con in San Diego this July.

According to executive producer Denise Huth, they are very close to wrapping up filming of The Walking Dead Season 8 in Georgia. While she is thrilled about the direction of the show and how the taping of the story is going, she is tight-lipped on hints of what is to come. She did share, however, that the cast is enjoying being together rather than separated by storylines like last year. Because of the growth of opposing sides in the war, there are many new cast members, and they are getting to know the existing cast members that fans have grown attached to over the years. That satisfies one major complaint of several of the cast members from Season 7 of The Walking Dead. They would sometimes go weeks without seeing each other when they had been so close so much of the time in previous seasons.

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The Walking Dead will be celebrating another milestone in the premiere of Season 8. That will be Episode 100 for the series. While the producers had figured this out in Season 6, there just isn’t much room in the story to do something to celebrate the achievement. Last season, fans of The Walking Dead could enter to win a spot as a walker on the show for the special episode. In the season premiere, fans will see the war that started in the Season 7 finale escalate between the groups. There will be some backstories on a few characters that will explain how they got to where they are, and why they stand on the side they have chosen.

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A small bit of The Walking Dead trivia for you: The logo for the show decays a little more each season. Go back and look at the Season 1 logo when it was clean and neat. Each year it has decayed, yellowed, and disintegrated a little more. This year, TWD fans will see that trend continue as the show promos begin for the October premiere.

Make sure and check back with the Inquisitr for information on the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. We will have the story for you as soon as it is available.

Are you anxiously waiting for spoilers for Season 8 of The Walking Dead? Were you surprised that Jadis and the Scavengers were part of Negan’s side? Do you believe that Eugene has really gone to the other side, abandoning Rick and the group that protected him? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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