‘Teen Mom OG’s Farrah Abraham Tells Co-Stars ‘Stop Procreating!’

Farrah Abraham is well-known for her public spats and the shade she’s thrown at her fellow Teen Mom co-stars. Recently, she took jabs at the other seven moms on the franchise for all of them (bar Amber Portwood) having more children since their original pregnancy that brought them on the show.

The Teen Mom OG star has a long history of dissing her cast mates and wasn’t shy about continuing the tradition when she appeared on the Hollywood Life podcast.

“I mean it’s definitely been my choice everyday to not have another child at this time, and I think that’s allowed me to really be sure that I have relationships with the right people. I didn’t want to rush that or hurry into a marriage. I don’t need more children if it’s not right. I know the environment that I need to feel happy and satisfied and if I don’t have that right now, I’m not going to rush it.”

And although that statement is totally fair and her right to make that call for her own life, she couldn’t keep her mouth shut when it came to the seven other women she shares the small screen with.

“It’s what they welcome in their lives. Maybe they feel comfortable and they’re satisfied with where they are and then they want to do that. I don’t feel like while I’m filming Teen Mom that I should procreate. Some people, that’s just what they believe in and they’ll just keep popping out kiddos.”

Farrah Abraham, as we’ve established, has never been shy about her opinions on her co-stars. Although she and Amber Portwood almost came to blows on a reunion show of Teen Mom OG, Amber stepped up and invited Farrah to her wedding as a way to extend the olive branch.

Although the wedding may be on hold, Farrah Abraham still publicly ripped apart the wedding invitation.

“They lie and they need to stop using me to get attention for their wedding and book. I want nothing to do with their criminal behavior or lying evil groups of people they associate with.I’m happy both the scam artists can be a happily married criminal couple!”

She recently took a shot at Catelynn Lowell and her husband Tyler Baltierra, claiming that Tyler cheated on his wife with a man.

Farrah Abraham later continued to take aim at Amber, saying that she looked like a “cheap hooker” with the fun pink hair she sported for part of the current season of Teen Mom OG.

Amber clapped back at her with a social media post.

“Don’t comment on a real woman sweetheart! I gave you family bootcamp lol and I make money on my houses…I don’t lose money like your other house. This is why you shouldn’t do Cocaine and drink all the time okay honey. Your forgetting things like you know That guy you met online in NY?? Keep it up and I will literally stop all this with one interview and text messages. Don’t play with a true Queen sweetheart???? try me!!”

Not one to back down from a fight, Farrah Abraham’s dad even joined in slamming Amber Portwood.

“Amber, your definition of a woman is not what every women wants to be. Just like there are women who don’t want to be like Farrah. Farrah is who Farrah wants to be and is real about it – she never tries to be like someone else – such as a Ms. Marilyn Monroe want-a-be.”

Her on-again, off-again boyfriend recently got into a sparring match with Teen Mom 2?s Kailyn Lowell, saying that she “looked like Shamu” and that “everyone has ran through her,” slamming her for having three kids with three different men.

So when will Farrah Abraham stop slamming her cast mates? Likely never.

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