‘Teen Mom OG’s Farrah Abraham: ‘I Don’t Want Ex Simon Saran Around My Daughter’

Farrah Abraham isn’t known for getting along with, well, anyone. And recently she stated that she no longer wanted her on-again, off-again ex, Simon Saran around her daughter, Sophia, 8.

Simon and Farrah Abraham have been on-again, off-again for several years and have stopped seeing one another because it seems that they can’t get on the same page about where the relationship is going. Farrah maintains she had to propose to herself and bought a ring which Simon said he would reimburse her for, but never did. However, the pair have been confusing viewers by making public appearances together and even sticking up for each other on Twitter.

Recently, Simon got into a heated argument with Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry, calling her names, body shaming her and insinuating that she had been sleeping around. Kail tossed back the insults, saying Simon’s “girlfriend” had a “big vagina” and that he needed to “take his balls out of Farrah’s purse.” At no point did Simon say that he and Farrah were no longer together.

Even though the pair are no longer an item, Simon has filmed a Being Simon special that will air on MTV–and Farrah has been endorsing it. In a recent interview with Wetpaint, they asked why he would be getting a spouse and parent/grandparent special if they were no longer together. Farrah Abraham responded that it was because she was so incredibly giving and such a nice person and would support him if he wanted to have a special.


And while the pair seems to be confusing audiences with sometimes appearing together and sometimes acting as though they hate one another, Farrah Abraham stated to Wetpaint that she felt like Simon had horrible traits that reminded her of parents in some “not so great ways.” She also confessed that although he had been helping her out with her businesses in Austin, Texas, she felt that his presence was difficult for her and for her colleagues to deal with.

Farrah Abraham recently appeared on The Hollywood Life‘s podcast promoting her appearance with her parents on Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Star Family Edition and dealt a blow to Simon Saran, stating that she no longer wanted her daughter to be around Simon.

“I kind of separate them. I just keep it cordial cause I don’t really want him around my daughter anymore.”

The Teen Mom OG star was slammed by fans for trying to push a relationship with Simon and her daughter, Sophia, and forcing her to hug and kiss him even though she didn’t really even know him that well.


She went on to talk about her relationship with Simon.

“If we can work together and remain friends and just be chill then that’s fine. I was just in San Fran with him and then we were doing a Being Simon special. So good for him. He’s got a special coming out. You know, it’s like the one ex I’m trying to stay friends with. It’s been really weird. I’m not usually friends with my exes.”

Recently, Farrah Abraham revealed that she and her mother, Debra Danielsen, are no longer on speaking terms, despite working on their relationship on Marriage Bootcamp. Although she has been in therapy with her mother for years, it seems the pair simply cannot see eye to eye. Unfortunately, since her relationship with her mother has not worked out, she has decided to interview with her mother’s relationship with her daughter, Sophia. Farrah has announced that she will not be attending her mother’s wedding and neither will her daughter. Instead, she says, they will be happy for her from afar.

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