‘Clash of Clans’ Update May Release As Early As May 16

The Clash of Clans update coming this May is expected to be the biggest in CoC history, and players are surely excited to finally see it. Recent reports suggest that the update may be released as early as May 16.

A Supercell moderator, Twister, confirmed in the forum that the team is still on track to roll out the Clash of Clans update in the target window it set. Droid Report said the release window is May 16 to 18, but there’s no official confirmation to that. Still, there are valid reasons to believe the speculations that the much awaited massive update will come out within said period.

Unlike the previous ones, the upcoming Clash of Clans update does not come with sneak peeks before the launch date. Instead, teaser videos are published in the countdown to the D-day. So far, three Captain’s logs have been released: Day 1 – “A New Me” (May 5); Day 2 – “New Friends” (May 8); Day 3 – “Passing Time” (May 11). They have not revealed anything that significant to conclude what lies beyond the shore, though.

Based on the Clash of Clans update website, there are still two more video teasers that are scheduled. If Supercell sticks to its release of the teasers every three days, fans can expect the fourth one to be out on May 14 and then the final one on May 17. With that, the CoC update is possible to be released on Thursday, May 18. This would also give the developer some time before the weekend to fix any bugs and performance issues upon the update launch.

In the meantime, players can also sign up for an SMS alert that would notify them once the Clash of Clans update goes live. There’s also a chance to win prizes. The sign-up is on until May 15, 12 p.m. EST, which explains the prediction that the update will roll out as early as May 16.

A statement from Supercell said that the team is still doing some fine-tuning on the Clash of Clans update. They are also still testing some features to ensure that everything goes smoothly when the update comes out. The changes are still scheduled this month, so players can stop worrying that it would be delayed to June.

Meanwhile, although there are several supposed leaks about the upcoming Clash of Clans update, most of them are said to be incorrect, as reported by iDigitalTimes. Citing a Reddit recap forum thread, the publication rounded up the information surrounding the changes in CoC. These include a new mode, which is not tied to a new Town Hall level or league. It features multiplayer in some way and would be favorable for streamers. The rumored Night Mode, however, was not confirmed.

In addition, the Clash of Clans update will introduce new troops of some sort and there will be some adjustments in clan wars. At Town Hall 4, the player can unlock the boat, although it still needs some repair. There will also be new time reductions and new interface designs. As already confirmed, there will be no new hero to be introduced this time, no level 13 walls, but there’s a new achievement called “Un-Build It.”

Given the hype, there so much excitement among the players. Hopefully, the Clash of Clans update would be able to live up to the expectations. Twister, in a response to a forum member, promised that players won’t be disappointed with the boat features. It won’t just bring you to another shore for added resources.

Clash of Clans is a massively multiplayer online strategy game that was initially released in August 2012 on Android devices. It came to iOS devices the following year.

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