‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Will Caleb Reynolds Or Russell Hantz Join The Cast of ‘BB19’?

Big Brother 19 is fast approaching, and the fans are growing anxious about who will be appearing on the CBS reality series. Survivor villain, Russell Hantz dropped a hint on his Twitter page that he did have what it takes to win the $500,000 grand prize. That’s not all, either. Big Brother and Survivor alum, Caleb Reynolds posted to Twitter asking CBS to bring him back to Big Brother. So, BB19 fans want to know if either of these great players will appear on the summer season.

Caleb Reynolds

Caleb appeared on Survivor Seasons 32 and 34. Both seasons he was thrown out on day 9. The first time, he suffered a heat stroke. He was medically evacuated and spent a while in the ICU. His second stint, he proved to be a huge threat because of his relationship with Tai Trang.

Before his Survivor appearance, Reynold was on Big Brother 16. A few days ago, “Beast Mode Cowboy” posted to his Twitter that he wanted to return to Big Brother in the summer. His suggestion was met with many strong fan reactions —most said they would not want to see him come back.

After Reynolds had been voted off from Survivor in March, Caleb posted to Twitter that his supporters haven’t seen the last of him. Was this a hint that he would return to Big Brother in June? It’s hard to say at this point, since CBS has not revealed the Big Brother 19 cast, yet.

Russell Hantz

Rusell is best known as being a villain on Survivor. During his last stint, many Survivor viewers felt he should have won the game. Instead, a bitter jury gave the win to Sandra Twine-Diaz (her second Survivor win). A few weeks ago, Hantz posted to Twitter that he would love to join the cast of Big Brother 19. Of course, that started the speculation that he may be throwing a hint that he could be in the running to appear on the series in June.

According to Russell’s Twitter account, Russell is probably not joining Big Brother. However, he did reveal that he is launching his own podcast and guaranteed to keep the listeners entertained.

“With this guy, Mike Lawson’s help we Will try to put together the best show possible! My goal is to keep you entertained and have some real talk,” Russell Hantz tweeted.

What We Know About Big Brother 19 so far

CBS hasn’t released many official Big Brother 19 spoilers, so there isn’t much known, yet. Robyn Kass, casting director, tweeted a few weeks ago that it is time for some “new blood.” Many BB19 fans hoped that was a hint that the series was planning on an all new cast?

Last year, Kass suggested that for Big Brother 19 she would look for more super fans and cast less recruited players. Apparently, she received some heat about the fact that 80 percent of Big Brother 18 was either recruited or returning players.

Big Brother host, Julie Chen admitted that the reality TV show might need to be revamped because it has gotten stale the past few years. She explained that the last few seasons lacked big power moves and legendary blindsides. Chen added that she felt that the series only needed a few minor changes to force the houseguests to make the game exciting for the viewers.

It’s about 45 days (give or take) until the season premiere on June 28 and the Big Brother 19 fans are getting excited about what’s to come this summer.

Big Brother 19 fans, do you want to see an all-star or all new players this season? Would you like to see Russell Hantz or Caleb Reynolds on the show?


Big Brother 19 returns June 28 on CBS.

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