‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Season 8 Finale: Deeks, Kensi’s Engagement With Twist Set To Alter Their Lives In Season 9

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 finale is set to be electric as Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) has gone rogue after the death of his wife, Michelle (Aunjanue Ellis). And probably to counterbalance the high-octane scenes, the current season’s final episode will feature the most-anticipated moment of the long-running show — Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and Kensi’s (Daniela Ruah) engagement.

As hinted by Daniela Ruah, Deeks and Kensi are finally getting engaged in the season finale of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8. But, according to Entertainment Weekly, this engagement will not be minus a twist.

“After many Densi proposal attempts, the finale this Sunday will finally see an official engagement — with a surprise twist!”

The couple’s relationship has had its share of proposals, but none of the indirect or direct proposals ended with Deeks putting a ring on Kensi’s finger. Earlier this season, Deeks had slipped a ring on Kensi’s finger when she was in a deep coma after saying, “Kensi Marie Blye, will you wake up and marry me. I’m just gonna put it on to see if it fits.”

Later, he went down on his knee to propose to a wheelchair-bound Kensi. She stopped him from doing that. After all the missed chances, the couple will now officially get engaged in the season finale on Sunday.

Earlier in March, Daniela Ruah told TV Line that Densi’s proposal would happen in a lovely way, adding that Deek’s proposal would surprise everyone.

“There is a proposal owed, and there is a proposal by the end of the season — but I’m not going to give you details, because it happens in quite a lovely way. Deeks didn’t want Kensi to expect whatever the proposal would be, and I can tell you that the way it is definitely surprising.”

The couple’s engagement comes at a time when Sam is breaking away from the team for his personal revenge. The penultimate episode of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8, “Uncaged,” saw Michelle getting kidnapped, and her abductors demanded the prison release of Tahir Khaled (Anslem Richardson). Tahir was released, but it was too late to save Michelle. The episode ended with Sam holding Michelle’s dead body in his arms.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 final episode, titled “Unleashed,” will see Sam doing whatever it takes to get his revenge on his arch-nemesis Tahir, even if it means going rogue.

In a sneak peek, Sam can be seen determined to find the culprits and Tahir. Callen (Chris O’ Donnell) asks him to go and be with his children who have just lost their mother, but Sam refuses to listen, saying doing that won’t bring her back. And Callen, just like a true partner, does not leave Sam even after he tells him that he is going to hurt people and there is no turning back once they are in it. Callen is seen telling him that it is time for a career change for both of them.

Speaking of what his character is up to in NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 finale, LL Cool J told CBS Los Angeles that Sam would be in revenge mode, focused on getting to the people who killed his wife and return the favor.

“I think that he feels like all bets are off. This guy (the kidnapper) took one of the most important things away from him and he wants to do everything in his power to return the favor. He has a single minded focus and he wants to get to the people that did this and deal with them.”

At the Paleyfest in March, executive producer R. Scott Gemmill teased that NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 would be something of a reset. And it probably might have something to do with Sam’s personal vendetta and Kensi and Deek’s engagement.

Gemmill said that Sam’s life was going to change, adding “Kensi and Deek’s life is going to change based on the finale.”

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 final episode, titled “Unleashed,” airs on Sunday, May 14 on CBS. The episode is expected to end on a major cliffhanger.

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