Nicki Minaj’s Twitter Giveaway Overshadows Ex Meek Mill’s Birthday

Nicki Minaj has decided to solve the problem of America’s massive student debt all alone! The rapper is offering to pay college tuitions via Twitter, something that no rapper has ever done before.

Nicki Minaj can pay off your student debt, but only if you show her straight A’s on Twitter, according to Slate. The “No Frauds” hitmaker made headlines on Sunday when she started paying off a bunch of her fans’ student debt.

Nicki Minaj celebrated her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill’s 30th birthday’s Meekend Weekend by going on a student debt paying off spree.

It all started when one of Nicki Minaj’s 20.8 million followers jokingly asked if the “Bang Bang” would pay off his student debt — and much to his and all of her fans’ surprise she agreed to pay, but only if he had straight A’s.

Nicki Minaj, whose paying off college tuition spree – intentionally or otherwise – overshadowed her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill’s birthday, may have just found the perfect solution to America’s massive student debt problem as well as the problem of some students’ lack of motivation to study.

Nicki Minaj, who appears to have enough cash to pay off the student debt of some of her fans ranging from $500 to a whopping $3,000, was named Hip-Hop’s Highest-Earning Act in 2016 after raking in $20.5 million last year alone, according to the GO Banking Rates.

Some of her straight-A followers called Nicki Minaj’s bluff, posting their own student debt requests to the singer whose net worth is estimated at $70 million. But the 34-year-old “No Frauds” singer apparently wasn’t bluffing.

Nicki Minaj, who broke up with her boyfriend of two years Meek Mill in January, is now free to spend her money however she sees fit, which is why she spent nearly an hour paying off the student debt of a bunch of her fans. The singer even went to the extremes of paying $3,000 to cover the cost of three classes of one of her followers.

Nicki Minaj did not limit her Good Samaritan mission to paying off only the student debt of her followers, as she also went on to pay $500 for “summer books and supplies” and even $700 for an online class.

The lucky, straight-A students who received funds from Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to confirm the payment and thanked the “Anaconda” singer for her help.

But Nicki Minaj does not have a well with endless money somewhere in her backyard (or does she?), which is why the singer stopped taking student debt requests, promising to continue her great mission to solve America’s student-loan problem in a few months.

The news of Nicki Minaj paying off any student debt of her straight-A followers was immediately picked up in the media and even overshadowed the birthday of her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill. Did the “Bang Bang” singer do it intentionally?

While Nicki Minaj is working on her highly-anticipated new album – in between paying off student debts of her Twitter fans – her ex Meek Mill dropped three new tracks for his 30th birthday over the weekend, according to Hip Hop DX.

In one of his new tracks – “$lay” – Meek Mill seemingly makes a reference to his ex-girlfriend. Ever since their split, Mill and Nicki Minaj have feuded and engaged in a war of words, but the 30-year-old rapper may have just hinted that the former couple is spending time together.

In “$lay,” Meek Mill starts a verse by rapping “Woke up this morning, I had a ménage,” a very likely reference to Nicki Minaj – though there’s no telling what that “ménage” means exactly.

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