Blac Chyna Son King Cairo Wants Tyga To Reconcile With Mother After Kylie Jenner ‘KUWTK’ Split

Blac Chyna is being bombarded with questions by her son, King Cairo, as to why she has not reconciled with his father, Tyga, yet.

According to Hollywood Life, now that the rapper has called it quits with Kylie Jenner, his 4-year-old son has been telling mom and dad that he wants them to get back together, and seeing that Blac Chyna has remained single since her split from Rob Kardashian in February, it would make perfect sense for the duo to give their love another shot.

Blac Chyna has never denied the fact that she still cares for Tyga, but after he dumped her to date Kylie in 2013, the former stripper was devastated, since she was somewhat left to raise their newborn baby at the time by herself.

Now that Kylie and Tyga are a thing of the past, Cairo has been mentioning how much he wants to see mommy and daddy together again, and while the 29-year-old has shared her ups and downs with her former boyfriend, it seems as if she could be considering a reconciliation in the near future.

Earlier this month, reports claimed that Blac Chyna and her baby’s father were seen clubbing together in Miami, OK! Magazine reports, where the TV star had made a paid appearance for an undisclosed fee, which sources say was tremendously high.

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Chyna has really been focusing her attention on being a better businesswoman, having launched a successful cosmetics line in recent years, her own beauty store in Encino, California, and she’s just recently been getting into the mobile gaming world.

There are so many opportunities for Blac Chyna right now, but one thing that’s clearly missing for her is love in her life. Raising two children by herself can get tough, and with Cairo’s constant questions regarding her relationship with his father, Blac Chyna could potentially consider the idea of making it work with Tyga again.

“King Cairo’s, 4, with Chyna and he knows it’s her birthday and all he’s asking her is if she and daddy are going to get back together!” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“That’s what he wants and Chyna doesn’t know how exactly to answer her. He’s such a precocious kid and if Chyna didn’t know any better, she’d think he was Tyga’s spy. He loves the new car and told her daddy has one and asked her to race him.”

Blac Chyna put Tyga on blast back in March when she called him out on Snapchat, claiming that the “Faded” rapper had failed to make child support payments for months and that his friendship with her ex-fiancé, Rob Kardashian, was really starting to bother her.

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Since then, however, Blac Chyna has spoken to the 27-year-old in person and they are in a much better place than they were a couple of weeks ago. And now that Kylie is out of the picture, Blac Chyna would feel more comfortable knowing that she can confide in Tyga without worrying whether or not information is going to be passed over to Jenner.

“He’d really love for his parents to get back together and Chyna knows that. But she doesn’t know what to do,” the source concluded, making it known that Blac doesn’t know whether a reunion with her child’s father is the best decision for her.

Now that business is going great and she’s raising the daughter she shares with Rob Kardashian, her mindset and priorities have changed, and it’s unclear whether she could even see herself being in a committed romance with Tyga, but feelings are definitely still there for the father-of-one.

Do you think Blac Chyna would consider the idea of getting back with her ex-boyfriend?

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