‘Fixer Upper’ Star Chip Gaines Follows Nicki Minaj, Offers To Pay Fan’s Tuition Fee

Chip Gaines doesn’t just help people fix their homes. The Fixer Upper star just proved that his generosity also extends to helping out fans with their financial woes. Following Nicki Minaj’s example, Chip has offered to pay for a fan’s tuition fee worth $5,500.

A fan called Chip and Joanna’s attention on Twitter last Friday, asking the Fixer Upper couple to help her out with her school fees. Surprisingly, Chip Gaines replied positively to the hopeful fan and said that he’s following Nicki Minaj’s example. Recently, the “Anaconda” rapper made headlines by offering to pay for her fans’ education as long as they get straight A’s. Minaj made good on her promise and posted the receipts of her payments on her Instagram account. She also announced that she will soon be forming an official charity for outstanding students who need a little financial boost.

Meanwhile, Chip Gaines is following suit. He directed his fan to contact his assistant and promised to “hook her up.” The fan, who goes by the username “Caiiiis,” couldn’t believe her luck and tweeted many times that she’s “incredibly grateful.”

So far, Chip’s generous act has gotten more than 3,000 likes on Twitter and more than 100 replies. Other fans also sent out their own requests, which range from student loans to laptops and even hospital bills. While many applauded Chip’s kind gesture, some criticized the fans for “taking advantage” of the Fixer Upper host.

“What a blessing but now people will come out of the woodwork,” one fan commented.

“You just opened yourself up to every freeloader on the internet,” tweeted another.

Fortunately, Chip doesn’t seem to mind playing Santa to his throng of followers. After being bombarded with requests he posted another tweet, instructing the fans to communicate with his assistant and promised that “good things will happen.”

Chip’s charitable act comes in the midst of his million-dollar lawsuit. He is currently facing a legal battle against former friends and business partners in his company, Magnolia Real Estate. Chip is being charged with fraud for buying out the shares of his two ex-partners without telling them that he was already in talks with HGTV to produce Fixer Upper. Four years later, the show has turned his humble real estate company into a mega brand that now includes other successful home improvement businesses. Because of Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna Gaines are now household names for their signature rustic design aesthetics and charming personalities.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Chip replied to the allegations by questioning the timing of the lawsuit. However, his former business partners insisted that Chip knew about their complaint since 2016.

“We were doing everything we could in an attempt to resolve this matter privately. We waited as long as we could before having to file this lawsuit. But as of today, [Chip Gaines] has failed to take responsibility for any of the allegations outlined in our petition.”

HGTV has stayed out of their stars’ legal battle but sent out support for Chip and Joanna, People reported. The network renewed Fixer Upper for its fifth season and is also producing another show for Chip and Joanna entitled Behind the Design.

“We respect the privacy of our show hosts and will not comment on matters related to their personal lives or businesses.”

Joanna recently wrote an entire blog entry on their website, answering issues being thrown at them and warned their fans not to believe everything they read in the news. However, she did not touch on the subject of the lawsuit. While Chip and Joanna have yet to file their official response in court, their lawyer is positive that the charges will be deemed “meritless.”

Tell us! What do you think of Chip’s grand gesture? Do you think Fixer Upper fans will use this to take advantage of Chip and Joanna? Sound off your comments below!

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