Author J.K. Rowling Hilariously Approves Of Twitter Writer’s Real-Life ‘American Horror Story’

World-famous wordsmith J.K. Rowling is known for being a master of storytelling, which makes her recent approval of another writer’s creepy story on Twitter all the more notable.

Fellow author and poet Olivia A. Cole, a well-regarded novelist in her own right, took to her profile on May 10 to, as NDTV provides, update social media followers on her ongoing search to find a suitable living space in her new hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

“My husband and I just moved to Louisville and we hate our [current] apartment,” Olivia explained, “so we’ve been checking out new places to rent. Today, we saw this cute older house — a bungalow.”

Overcast and wet from the rainy night before, the slick exterior of the stone-made residence wasn’t immediately appealing to Cole’s spouse, but Olivia, by her own admission, was instantly smitten with the property.

“My husband is like, ‘eh, it’s a little creepy,'” Cole recalled, “but I’m all, ‘no! It’s just rainy! It’s cute!,’ so the [real estate] agent starts giving us the [house] tour.”

Within moments of entering the home, several red flags purportedly began to display themselves to both Cole and her husband — well, more him than her, anyway.

“First thing we notice is this weird grate thing inside [of the house],” Olivia continued.

“I say ‘we,’ but no, my husband noticed [the grate]. I was [busy] admiring the crown molding, and he was like, ‘um, what is this?'”

According to the agent, the strange covering was nothing more than a vent opening for the house’s cooling system, which Olivia found to be a valid excuse.

“[Then] why does it look like the bars to a dungeon,” Olivia’s partner purportedly inquired back.

With a look of confusion, the realtor pressed on with showing Olivia and her partner the rest of the home.

“We check out the kitchen. It’s tiny and I cook a lot, so even I was like, ‘hmm,'” the writer reported.

Far more concerting to Cole’s husband, however, were a set of noticeable scratches on the kitchen window. Almost instantly, the realtor had a made-ready response for that, too.

“Oh, I think it’s tough to open, so [that’s] probably a little wear and tear,” they said.

Again, Olivia accepted the agent’s answer as truth, but her groom was feeling a bit more skeptical about the home seller’s responses. Nevertheless, they persisted through the remainder of the tour.

“We check out the upstairs [which has a] perfect room for a nursery. Master bedroom is smallish,” Cole noted, “but [there was a] nice, big closet.”

A nice, big closet with a majorly disturbing secret inside, as Cole soon found out.

‘Harry Potter’ creator J.K. Rowling placed her seal of approval on a fellow writer who shared a “spooky” tale via Twitter recently. [Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]

“Um,” Olivia’s husband started again to the agent.

“What is this little door inside [of] the closet?”

Cole says that this is finally where she began to snap out of her “dream house haze.”

“What little door,” the agent responded to Olivia’s husband.

“Oh. I didn’t notice that.”

A peek behind the door, as Cole comments, revealed a pitch-black, tiny room.

“It looks like that sh** from Get Out, Olivia,” Cole’s understandably freaked-out partner told his wife, in a relatable nod to comedian Jordan Peele’s 2016 horror movie hit.

By the time the couple was shown a padlocked corridor in the basement that seemingly led to nowhere at all (“We don’t have a key [for that],” the agent admitted to the couple), both Olivia and her husband realized they were going to being passing on that specific house.

“All of us have seen the [horror] movie where the white woman is making dumb a** decisions and ignoring every sign of the Devil’s handiwork,” Cole joked in closing, “but today, I was that white woman.”

“Pray for me. But more importantly, pray for my husband for marrying my dumb a**.”

Within hours of Olivia posting her story thread to Twitter, the tale went viral and ultimately caught the attention of the aforementioned J.K. Rowling, who boosted it on her Twitter profile on May 12.

“This is some good Twitter storytelling,” the Harry Potter creator expressed.

Cole’s two novels, Panther in the Hive and The Rooster’s Garden are available for purchase on Amazon and Olivia’s official website. The writer has not yet offered a public statement on her J.K. Rowling Twitter shout-out.

[Featured Image by John Phillips/Getty Images]

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