Remy Ma: Her Plans Amid Rumors Papoose Got Woman Pregnant While She Was In Prison

Remy Ma doesn’t make much of rumors concerning her husband, Papoose, who has been accused of fathering another woman’s child.

The unidentified woman spoke with celebrity outlet UnWineWithTashK, alleging that she had a brief affair with the rapper while Remy Ma was still serving her prison sentence, and while she has managed to keep the secret for almost four years, she’s finally ready to tell her story.

The only problem is that Papoose is denying the story, and luckily for him, Remy Ma is sticking by her man’s side, Hollywood Life reveals.

According to the news site, Remy Ma is unbothered by the comments that have been made about her husband because she knows him too well — she’s certain that he didn’t cheat on her while she was in prison, which is why she refuses to give any press to the woman making the claims.

“Remy trusts Papoose. She never questions his loyalty to her,” a source gushes.

“Especially not after the way he held her down when she was locked up. He came and saw her almost every single day. He’d be there from the minute visiting hours started until they kicked him out, and then they’d be on the phone after that. He doesn’t believe for a second he was out there with some sidechick.”

Remy Ma has often named Papoose as the best husband in the world, recalling how the father-of-two has never failed her, even throughout the time she was behind bars, after being convicted of shooting her former best friend, who was alleged to have stolen money from the “All The Way Up” hitmaker.

Papoose has since denied reports claiming that he has fathered a child, while Remy Ma has chosen to remain completely silent about the matter.

Having found herself in enough controversy this past year with her ongoing feud involving Nicki Minaj, as revealed by The Fader, Remy Ma has made it no secret that she’s been busy working on her forthcoming sophomore album — her first in over 10 years.

Of course, the rumors concerning Remy Ma’s husband are still brewing, but a source adds that the less attention Remy and Papoose give it, the quicker the story will fade away.

It’s further mentioned that if Papoose really had cheated on Remy Ma, he would have no problem telling his wife about it, but because of the supposed fact that he has remained faithful to the rap superstar, he isn’t willing to entertain the love child stories any further.

News of Remy Ma refusing to pay attention to those claiming that her husband had fathered a child with another woman comes just weeks after the female rapper proclaimed her man to be the kind of man that one can only wish for in life, indirectly dissing Nicki Minaj with the hashtag #youlonely.

Remy Ma has yet to confirm an official release date for her upcoming album, but from what’s been gathered, the record is moving along rapidly, with artists of all genres wanting to work with the female rapper — particularly after her “Shether” diss track in February.

Remy Ma will confirm the album’s release date later this year, according to reports.

But what do you think? Has Papoose really fathered another child?

[Featured Image by Andrew Toth/Getty Images]