‘Arrow’ Olicity Spoilers: Will Oliver Get Back Together With Felicity In Next Episode?

Arrow “Olicity” speculation is running rampant following the end of the last episode of Arrow in which Oliver and Felicity find themselves facing an explosion that seemingly takes out their underground lair. The teaser trailer for the follow-up episode, entitled “Underneath” indicates that this is going to be a strongly Oliver/Felicity leaning story, with a lot of emotional baggage being brought up.

So are we going to see the return of the Oliver and Felicity relationship that the internet has derisively termed “Olicity”? As noted by Forbes, plenty of people would hope not, since this relationship between Oliver and Felicity is viewed by many viewers as one of the least interesting aspects of the show. In fact, some of them would be perfectly happy of the character of Felicity simply went away.

What Happens in the Trailer?

The Arrow trailer following last week’s episode seems to show the Green Arrow headquarters in total disarray, with none of the computers, lights, or other electronic gear working. Apparently this situation is the result of an electromagnetic pulse, rather than an ordinary bomb.

Felicity quickly points this out in the trailer when she realizes that the electronic device implanted in her spine that allows her to walk is no longer functioning. Obviously, this is going to add a lot of dramatic tension to the story – with Oliver being forced to defend a helpless Felicity from Prometheus’s traps by either staying in place to defend her, or carrying her physically somewhere else.

Other parts of the trailer showed that they are totally isolated because the elevator is apparently not working. We see Mister Terrific and Wild Dog trying to make their way to the Arrow hideout by climbing down the elevator shaft itself. We get a shot of them apparently trying to cut their way through the metal making up the elevator so they can get to where Oliver and Felicity are.

Unfortunately, something seems to be going wrong and an explosion – or flame – shoots up in their direction. Whether this was just an accident or one of Prometheus’s traps isn’t quite clear.

In fact, it’s unclear whether Prometheus is even in the Green Arrow lair or not. Conceivably, everything that Prometheus is doing to Oliver and his crew could be happening remotely. Yes, we see Oliver with his bow and arrow in hand in the trailer, but this could just be him responding to Prometheus’s remote-controlled traps.

Oliver and Felicity’s Romance

For many viewers, the romance between Oliver and Felicity never quite made sense. In the comic books and the animated series, Oliver is in love with and ultimately marries Black Canary. There is no Felicity – she was simply a creation of the series like Diggle. So the return of “Olicity” – if that’s what happens – would be an extreme disappointment to many Arrow fans.

Unfortunately, this may be exactly where they are heading. The kind of one-on-one, stressful situation Oliver and Felicity will be facing in the upcoming episode is exactly the kind of thing to engender highly emotional – and possibly romantic – conversations in which people share their feelings. In other words, the return of “Olicity” becomes a real possibility.

At the same time, there is an entirely different scenario to be considered. It’s just possible that the writers are using this situation to put the final nail in the coffin for the entire “Olicity” relationship. The two of them would be trapped in a do-or-die situation and would confront the fact that they no longer feel for each other what they used to feel. And for many vocal fans, that would be awesome.

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