WWE News: John Cena Reveals How Nikki Bella Made Him Change His Mind On Marriage

WWE superstar John Cena and former WWE Diva’s champion Nikki Bella are getting married, and E! News caught up with the couple to talk to them about their marriage at the premiere of the new John Cena movie The Wall. John Cena has long been adamant that he will never again get married, but he proposed to Nikki Bella at WrestleMania 33 following a match where they teamed up for the first time to beat The Miz and his wife, Maryse.

According to John Cena, while he was resistant to the idea of getting married again, he said it was Nikki Bella who convinced him otherwise. It took a few years, but she soon broke him down and made him realize it was what he really wanted.

“To be quite honest with you, Nicole has taught me a lot about what she believes the meaning of a union between two people is and she’s made me a believer out of it and that’s certainly why I did what I did at WrestleMania.”

The proposal took place at WrestleMania 33 in front of tens of thousands of fans live and millions of fans worldwide. In much the same way, Nikki Bella has revealed that her wedding with John Cena will also be on television, probably airing on her own reality show, Total Bellas.

For John Cena, this is his second marriage following his marriage to his childhood sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau. That marriage dissolved, and shortly after their divorce was finalized, John Cena revealed he was now dating Nikki Bella. One of the first instances that their relationship was made public was when photos surfaced of John Cena and Daniel Bryan taking Nikki Bella and Brie Bella to their high school reunion.

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Of course, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella married each other in 2014, and their courtship and marriage were dealt with in its entirety on Total Divas. It was during this time that Nikki Bella’s depression issues arose.

The problem was that Brie Bella was planning her wedding while Nikki Bella’s dream was to get married and have children, which seemed unlikely to ever come true if she remained with the man she loved, John Cena.

The depression grew worse when Brie Bella ended up pregnant. Once again, Brie Bella was living the life that Nikki Bella always dreamed for herself. Nikki was happy for her sister, but it was tearing her up inside to see that she might never have those dreams come true with John Cena.

After WrestleMania 33, those dreams finally came true. When he proposed, John Cena said that he had promised Nikki Bella the year before that he would marry her one day, and then he dropped to a knee and presented her with a ring. At least one of the dreams of Nikki Bella was finally coming true.

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It is clear that most of the wedding planning, and the eventual wedding itself, will be shown on Total Bellas. According to John Cena, the only thing he is in charge of for the upcoming wedding is the budget.

That makes sense because one of the most interesting things about John Cena is how much of a control-freak he is. Leading into the WrestleMania 33 match with The Miz and Maryse, The Miz constantly made fun of the fact that John Cena made Nikki Bella sign a contract before moving in with him.

It seems like John Cena might be lightening up though. He said that the wedding is important to him, but he knows how much the wedding is important to Nikki Bella and wants it to be something she remembers for the rest of her life — as long as it remains on budget.

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